Thursday, October 9

VIP Cars: Japan's Finest

Here in the US, the majority of VIP tuners and builders always stay inside the lines. The kits are direct orders from the catalogs without any mixing. I personally do not agree with this b/c there is rarely a perfect kit. I can find a flaw or an area of improvement in any VIP kit and others need to see that.

What is inspiring from Japan is their desire to be different. Rarely would you see a complete car built with one company's products bolted on. Many mix and match to their hearts design and that should be the way we mod. Like cell phones, we customize them and make it personal. Isn't that why we mod our cars in the first place...?

Japan tuners actually take that even further. They purchase kits and then modify them even more to their personal taste and likes. Improving. Yes, some go over too far, but take 3 steps back and you have hit it just perfect.

What I like to see more from builders and local tuners here is the balls to design the car without a brochure telling you what is the perfect kit. Study the lines and come up with your best match of components. Maybe not every has an eye for design and thus trust a company to provide parts for their entire project, but what's the fun in that..?

I encourage you to look closer at these images and try to figure out who makes these kits. You will be pleasantly surprise that all of them came originally from a well known company before each owner has added their own personal touches to them for a custom one-off.

Would you like to have the same kit as the next car or rather stand out in the flood of VIP madness..

Think about it.

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