Wednesday, August 19

MK3 Golf w/green BBS

I love it when ppl build cars without boundaries. The no fear, I don't car what you think attitude. B/c in any industry, especially automotive it's easy to get sucked down a trend path and before you know it, you're just another follower.

VW guys have been setting trends from years ago. In fact the VIP Japan scene started from an adaptation of the Euro Mercedes and Jaguar Scene. Just like today the Honda scene has taken a strong interest towards the rebellious VW cars. Old school BBS wheels in 15 inch step-lips with staggered setups pushed all the way out with hard negative camber. It's all b/c the VW scene has been doing this for years now.

I have a big spot in my heart for VW cars and I promise I will build one soon.

Enjoy this killer MK3 Golf.

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