Tuesday, October 7

Lexus IS250C

Last week at the Paris Motor show, Lexus officially announced the all new IS250 Coupe. That's right, Lexus is going after BMW with all guns firing. This car tells us how much Lexus wants a piece of that BMW 3-series market.

IS250 Coupe. Not use a regular 2-door coupe, this is a full hardtop convertible, very similar to the BMW again. Even the design of the retractable roof is pretty darn close. Hopefully, Lexus will offer the more potent engine, IS350c and follow that with a full ISF coupe. Personally, I have to see the car in person before giving it my blessings. But, it is very exciting to see the launch of this little coupe. I am confident that Lexus will surely start swaying some of the BMW owners towards the land of the rising sun. Only time will tell.

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