Wednesday, October 22

Blow Design Mode Parfume UCF31 Celsior

This is Mode Parfume's own demo car. It is a UCF31 fitted with one of the best looking kits in the industry for over a year and running. If you ask anybody in the States, Mode is most elite over many other VIP brands. What I like about this kit is the ability to create a low and wide appearance without altering the factory fenders and quarter panels. Both the front and rear bumper hangs way lower than any other kit on the market, but yet the design is simple and pleasant on the eye. Sometimes, less is more. The bumper almost fits the front facial of any car. Besides offering all the true VIP platforms, Mode has expanded to K-cars, wagons, vans, and even some non-traditional VIP Style platforms.

This one of my favorite company demo cars. Execution is flawless with 20" inch staggered wheels provided by SSR Japan. Even the Mode Parfume BBK is so over the top. It is manufactured by Endless with a custom Mode logo. This Celsior has a great combo, white calipers on gold two-piece rotors. HOT!

If only Mode Parfume offered the front and rear for the UCF30.. I would be all over it.

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