Friday, October 17

Most incredible IS200/Altezza Ever (cont.)

This is how you achieve 7" inches of lip in the rear wrapped on a 335/25/19 tire all under the stock body. Custom Rear axle.

Here you can see all the custom work involved to create the multi-link rear suspension with a 9" inch straight axle. This is a first for me. I have never seen this kind of conversion done to an Import car. To many hotrod builders, this is a everyday work load, but most import tuner cars are basically a bolt on heaven.

Lots of cutting and custom fabrication were involved to make this work correctly. Chassis frame stabilizer bars were added for more strength and a custom set of Alcon BBK kits were chosen for this project. The wheels are 19x12 in the rear and I just fell off my chair, again. The fabrication is seamless.

Of course the engine bay had to match such wonder and a 2JZ-GTE was chosen along with the GeTrag 6-speed tranny. Everything in the engine bay was completed hidden and or custom made for this kit. The Greddy intake manifold had to be modified to clear the strut brace as were the original turbo was way too big for clearance. All the stock bolt holes were filled with metal and resprayed in black onyx.

This motor is all business and the goal is to hit 1,000 hp. With this kind of metal fabrication involved, this is the next level for import builders. Hopefully some of the "big-builders" here will learn a few from Brett and his imazine Lexus IS200.

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