Monday, October 13

Job Design coming to the US

JO just completed a huge order of aero kits ready to ship to the US. Who got their hands on this shipment?

This CLS Mercedes have been fitted with the entire JOB Design package. Even the front bumper was further modified to house quad foglights similar to some of the German made aftermarket bumpers. Personally, it is not my cup of tea. JO also installed their line up of Big Brake kit painted in red with red hats to match. Notice the little piece of chrome on the side of the foglight. Details like so does make JO's kits stand out from the next.

10 huge boxes of Aero kits ready to be shipped to 10 very lucky owners here in the states. Is one of them a UCF30 kit..? Maybe a GS350 kit.. only time will tell.

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