Tuesday, February 15

Hawaii StyleWagon Accord

Probably one of the best attempts at Japan StyleWagon ever from the US.
Nice job, Lance !!!

Lance's Accord Wagon from dresearch on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 9

Goodguys Yearbook Cover Contest Winner

The winner goes to John Jackson and his killer photo of this '67 Mustang built by Joe Brown of Hot Rod Joes. John has been a contract photographer for Goodguys and has contributed the Columbus Gazette cover and many Gazette and PPG feature picks throughout the year. Congrats John!!! We look forward to doing more with John in the 2011 season.

Tuesday, February 8

Pink is the new Black

This years Tokyo Auto Salon had one very popular and loud color.. PINK. That's right.. not the washed out pastel pink.. more closer to a magenta hue. All with a matching pink accented interior trims. Personally, I think it's great that VIP owners continue to push the limits and try ideas out of the box. Right or wrong is not important to Japan, rather exploring new grounds is what drives their scene.

This Celsior30 rocks a subtle aero kit with black roof and trim. Looks like the new trend is no more chrome trim or polish.

Muteki Garbage

This was the damage after using the Muteki Lug Nuts for less than a month. On the second time taking the lugs off.. the key split.

No air tools, all standard hand tools inside my home garage. Stay away..

Muteki = GARBAGE

Friday, February 4

Stanced '32 Hi-Boy – Moal Coachbuilders

Here at Goodguys, I'm lucky enough to see many '32 Fords built a million different ways. From traditional, to nostalgic, and then complete 1-off projects. Below is my favorite '32 ever. It's built by none-other than Michael Moal of MOAL Coachbuilders here in Oakland. If you are not familiar with the MOAL name, Google it. These guys build high profile cars for celebrities and are also the choice for all Ferrari restorations.

So, what makes this '32 incredible?.. The stance. This hi-boy is completely functional with the latest of today's modern equipment. Motor was built by the Walsh family (known for building Bonneville salt flat speedsters). You can see this 1-off at local Goodguys events throughout the year.

Simply Incredible.

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Thursday, February 3

Starwars and VW collab

Hands-down, the best Volkswagon commercial ever !!!