Thursday, July 22

Incredible Opel Manta

The builders in Euro have always had an edge over the US, why? Creativity. This Opel Manta is a clean example of hybrid thinking, flawless execution and form with function. Incredible.

spec -

Volvo B230 with navy crankshaft
SPM H-profile connecting rods
Venolia pistons
16 Valve Volvo head with standard valves, port grinded with own ideas
Self made mechanical valve adjustment
Camshafts grinded by SPM
Double valve springs
Garret GT-40 turbo
Eaton M62 compressor with an own system for control of air between the turbo and the compressor
Exhaust manifold manufactured in stainless steel
Wastegate with 50mm valve
Self made intake manifold with separate 46mm throttle and full radius funnels
Autronic engine management system and CDI ignition
Mercury F1 ignition coils
Self made Intercooler and watercooler

Max. 578Hp at 6300rpm, over 500Hp from 5200 to 7700rpm

Max. 706Nm at 4900rpm, over 600Nm from 4300 to 6600rpm

Getrag 262 from BMW
Tilton twin disc 185mm clutch with AP lamellas

Rear end:
Volvo 1031 axle with lamellar differential
Adjustable fourlink

Front end:
Self made spring units with adjustable height
Volvo steering aid with electrical servo

Corvette ZR1 discs and callipers
Self made pedal group with wilwood brake adjustment and maincylinders

Own design, no plastic

Opel 529 orange, own paint job

Momo seats and steering wheel, lots of aluminium

BBS magnesium rims, 9,25x19” with BFGoodrich g-Force Profiler 235/35-19 in the front and back


Best ET 402m: 10,520s
Best topspeed 402m: 218,54km/h
60-feet: 1,64s

Wednesday, July 21

K-Break: Hybreed 3-pc wheel

K-Break introduces their all in-house designed wheel, dubbed: Hybreed Fivesta. It is completely 3-pc with cast centers. The design is classic five star with traditional Euro steplips. Currently sizes range only in 18 and 19" inches but widths are offered up to 12.5 wide.

Once they make a 20 and 21" inch Euro steplip.. then I'll be putting in my order.


Monday, July 19

Sneak Peak

Going to print this week and in your mailboxes very soon!

White Brabus X Black Audi

Most cars I come across online has been regurgitated numerously throughout many websites online. This ridiculous Audi A4 wagon car my attention last year from Worhersee over in Austria. With a uber rare set of re barrelled Brabus wheels finished in cream/off-white paint and step-lipped.. this is one of my favorites.

BBS Wheel Challenge

First person to assemble their BBS RS wheel wins a prize. This is such a simple idea to get interaction for people at car shows. Maybe Goodguys should try this idea with one of our wheel vendors.

Thursday, July 15

Euro Vento Respect: A.K.A. Jetta

Not enough people builds Jettas and here is why. Perfect old school box exterior and slammed to the ground. A set of BBS RS is a natural combo for this platform. The Euro scene is restoration and execution to the finest detail. These 15+ year old cars look like they just rolled off the show room floor. Their offsets and stretch is spot-on and do not get me started with their engine bay, wire tucking creativity.


Thursday, July 8

Wire Tucking Madness

Wire tucking has been a one trick in the books for many generations of show cars. By extending the factory wires and plumbing, and rerouting it with creativity; usually behind the fenders or inside the chassis, you can achieve this incredible clean and empty engine compartment.

The European builders have been doing this for years in their VW and German cars. Ultimately, each motor can become a true piece of art, like a floating sculpture in the engine bay.

Happily I can report that the art of wire tucking has finally hit the Honda scene and is slowly moving into other make and models. In the Honda world, there are 2 main players, Chase Bays and RyWires.

Check them out and get inspired. Be the first to rock a wire tuck in your boat.

Rippin' Rad G35

Scooped this fresh G at the Logon High School Charity event in Union City last weekend. This owner got great taste on being different and sure cooked up a bad-ass G35 with all the right ingredients.

The color is a pastel teal green/blue dropped on a set of VOLK wheels. Behind the rollers are the cleanest looking BBKs offered by Project Mu finished in this matte gray color, Hotness.

With matching magenta lug nuts and tow hook, this G also rocked a custom rear trunk lid that resembled the popular CSL M3 version. Very nice touch indeed.

Then the interior sure took me by surprise. Full 7-point Cusco roll cage painted in magenta to match the exterior goodies and 1 very rare Japan only Bride seat.

Whoever you are that owns this G, I give you mad respect for a killer build.

Domestic VIP: Lincoln Continental

Lately, I've been driving the Lincoln to several Bay Area shows and I must admit, this giant piece of Detroit iron fits me well. Considered the gangsta roller of the Goodguys fleet, the Lincoln gets a bundle of respect everywhere I take it. From kids to senior folks to car guys, everybody can relate to the '66 suicide door black on black mobster-car. Funny, to those that know, the only mods on this car was the drop, air shocks in the rear and the 20" inch solid billets by Bold Coddington. Everything else remains stock and still in working condition. The body was repainted a few years back and last month a new OEM grill was installed.

Such a beautiful car with lots of attitude. If I were to build one, I would consider a custom chassis, converted coilovers front and rear with independent suspension, LS7 motor with a custom twin snails to power the extra heavy body. To finish up the car, the exterior would look stock with whitewalls and Boyd wheels to be that ultimate sleeper. And to think for nearly $25k, you can actually find one in similar condition ready to go.

Do I see a future project, perhaps.

Super Slammed S2K

A friend sent me this photo and given all the crazy cars we find online everyday, this S2K just became one of my favorites. Why? The color is so unique against the gold WORK Rezax rollers. And the stance is "Texas" spot-on. I gotta admit, I'm liking the Texas movement lately. They are not afraid to be different and continues to experiment and push the perfect flush and functional stance.



Make coffee tables out of extra rims.. a UK based company has done exactly that. I've always wanted to do something like this. Buy one 20x15" inch wheel and mount a glass on top to create a table. Very cool indeed.

Check them out: re-inCARnate

Thursday, July 1

IDA Concepts '37 Chevy

The GAZ pick from East Coast Nationals went to this very well-built twin-turbo monster from the creations of Rob Ida at IDA Concepts. Take a look at that super-clean engine bay and twin turbos tucked nicely under the hood that gets direct air fed from the side vents. Notice the twin BOV (blow off valves) mounted on the intake manifold.. looks mean shooting forward. The intake manifold, wheels, vents and interior trim all has the IDA custom machining.

To think this car came from East Coast styling.. shocking & amazing.

Well done.

Link: IDA Concepts