Tuesday, October 27

No limit Creativity

I'm a fan of every car. To me every platform has room to improve. When the BMW E36 was released in the mid to late 90's, it was quickly the typical mod-car with plenty of power tweaks, lips kits and your basic polish reverse lip wheels.

I've been following this builder for sometime now and this rendition continues to change and evolve. Start with the perfect tucked and gap less stance and add a set of BBS RS in 18s and you have your typical Euro car. But this owner didn't stop there. Here you see the BBS wheels in two different finishes. He ran the wheels standard silver and polish lip initially. There is even a shot on the net without caps. Then he painted the centers lime green and left the lips polished. Looks good in my book. Then he decided to flip it completely. Check out the BBS RS with white centers and lime green lips. This setup is pure SEX.

Don't learn the car, let the car learn you. Express your creative thinking without limits. What's the worst that can happen? You try again.

Monday, October 26

District 10 Breast Cancer Awareness

District 10 sure knows how to do good in the world. This year they locked down the parking lot of Pak n Save and held a Breast Cancer awareness with all the local shops and cars in Norcal. I decided to crash the party around 2pm. Ran into Tom (photographer for Fatlace) for the second time since the night before at Milpitas and kicked it with ChubbyGS and John of JSJ Brothers. All in all, a great turn out of the fine Norcal Import scene.

JDM Nissan Cefiro was causing quite a stir with it's RB20DET motor and pearl white paint. The owner is a true purest with his other JDM RHD Silvia S13 parked a few spots down.

Johnson and his Sharpie-Lexus IS350 took top honors with a Best of Show award.

ChubbyGS also owns a timeless S14 Silvia. He was awarded the Best Import trophy.

@Po Crew came for a few with this stunning white EVO. Check out the details!

Pink tapped lips and an all metal hood.. glad some are trying new things.

White carbon fiber wrap on a MK5 Golf.. very nice.

Timeless DC2 Tegger.

Fresh CRX dipped in olive green w/ Yakima and decals.

Super clean supercharged K20 RSX.

More here.

Friday Night Milpitas Meet 10-23

After all these years, Milpitas Friday night meets are still jumping. I stayed until 1am which is very unlike me.. anyways, all the usual suspects. Thanks to John and Tom for making the drive from Sac and Elk Grove.

Bryant's better half runs this daily driver IS300 with gold Meister wheels and a true BN Sport bumper. Here front windshield temp-blinds were hella funky.

ChubbyGS made the drive from Fairfield with his slammed to the ground WORK sponsored GS430. No kit, just drop with wheels.. clean and simple.

Bryant rocks a Toyota Cressida when he really wants attention. Check out his touge mountain machine!

Ruthless from San Jose was hidding in one corner. Owner of this DC2 was bummed I didnt shoot the better fender.. to bad. It's all about battle scars.

Matte White painted RSX rolled in with hella attitude, but turns out to be a chill dude and a x-Hybrid member. We chopped-it-up about matte paint and the Norcal Hybrid family.

Joseph owner of a very nice Tom's supercharged IS350. Not the most flattering picture of Joseph..

Owner of this JDM Nissan GT-R R33 V-specII came out to show everybody what $60k could get you. Chad is such a cool cat.. if he had overalls and a pitchfork, you would think he was a farmer in Iowa.

John's gen2 GS already slammed on KYBs and UAS bags. You need wheels homie!

Tom and his women crashed the party in their Yakima installed gen2 GS and Amistad OG wheels. We discussed steplip and how to get wider lips and barrels.

My favoriate car of the night was this Cressida with old school Centerline wheels and mad support for Fatlace. One trick mod was real JDM train handle bars. Crazy!

Nissan GT500 Silvia

A GT500 version of a Silvia?!?! That is what a gear head in Sweden is doing. Building a complete carbon fiber wide body Nissan Silvia S14 in his own garage. Check out the computer renderings. Looks hellaFresh.

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Saturday, October 24

Tire Outlet Meet & Greet

Joseph of Tire Outlet held an after hours meet & greet with the Norcal Club Lexus owners in an attempt stop illegal street racing and to raise money for more Wednesday egg-roll poker nights. Tire Outlet is located on the East side of San Jose that yields plenty of walk-in customers. Joseph has been a manager for many years now and Tire Outlet is in the middle of expanding across the street with a 10,000 sq ft building ready to break grounds. Tire Outlet caters to all people with any kind of car. The majority of services performed are 30, 60, 90k services, especially brake jobs, said Joseph. For those that do modify their rides can also find Tire Outlet quite useful with an abundance of CARB legal aftermarket products available as-well as wheel and tire packages.

Thank you Joesph and Tire Outlet for opening their doors for the local community.

Tire Outlet
2240 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA
(408) 258-1639

Inside Showroom

The waiting room is Street Fighter Ready

Joseph: Tire Outlet

Joseph's Lexus IS350 supercharged engine bay

Chad, the Godzilla

Forged technology by WORK wheels on Lloyd's GS430

Sharpie IS350

Jeff of PhotoshootMyCar.com had an entire crew working the strobes and reflectors

Fatlace & VIP AutoSalon