Tuesday, May 19

New Trend hitting FWD platforms

After the VIP craze with flush fitments, it was only time for Honda's to try this new style. Funny though, this particular look has been around for some time now in Europe. The VW crowd has been mastering the technique of perfect offset and tire fitment. FWD platforms can too rock a set of old school BBS RS with 9" wide rear fitments on a +15mm offset.

This Honda belongs to the boys at Phase 2. Respect for doing it right!

Universal Air Japan touch screen controls

Universal Air Japan has developed a touch screen module that controls the ride height of any air sus system. With the rebirth of touch screens, thanks to the iPhone, one can expect to see more devices like this hitting the market.

I like the idea, but I think the button designs need to start over. It looks like video poker at Vegas.

Project Mu: EuroMevius BBK

Project Mu offsers a Euro line call the Mevius for most European applications. It is identical to the regular Project Mu BBKs just rebadge with a different color.

Standard 6/4 setup on 355 mm 2-piece rotors should run you just around $4,500.

Don't get ripped-off!

BBKs are the biggest mark-up in the automotive industry. Be smart and research the manufacturer. For example, Rotora, Greddy, Junction Produce, ATS, STD all use the same mold. Essentially the same thing.

Back to point, if you are looking for a set of EuroMevius BBK, contact Mach III in San Francisco.

Lexus ISF Convertible

If Lexus would drop the 5.0 V8 IS-F motor into a IS Convertible, this is what it may look like.

Given that BMW M3 has the sedan, coupe and coupe convertible versions all available, it would be smart for Lexus to follow and compete.