Friday, September 11

3UZ-FE Individual Throttle Bodies

Here in the states, ppl with a 1UZ, 2UZ, or 3UZ have little performance options. Yes Rod Millen once offered a supercharger kit for the 3UZ, but that was pretty much it. Everything else has been custom kits with not enough R&D to invest in.

This week I stumbled on a company in Europe that works on nothing else but the Toyota V8 motors. They actually import the engines and do swaps into Supra and other older generation cars. They have developed some killer parts with top notch CAD engineering. Pictured here is their complete ITB setup for the V8 motor. Similar to the GT500 motor used in popular racing series. Check out that intense header design.

Other goodies include complete Termec 5-speed tranny conversion bolt on adaptor kit to the 3UZ motor. Or if you prefer to stay Toyota, they also have a kit for the R154 tranny. This gives GS, SC, and LS owners the chance to really experience their bulletproof Toyota V8 motor.

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