Monday, October 13

One more time: Speed 33

If you follow Goodguys then you should know this car. This was our 2008 giveaway car built by Roadster Shop. The car was given away at the Columbus, Ohio Goodguys PPG National event earlier this year in August. So we all thought..

Well, the car is back in our hands and will continue to become our 2009 giveaway car. Plans are to change out the custom Intro wheels and low profile tires and go with something more traditional and get it ready again for tour. Personally, I like the dish looking wheels. Definitely gives the '33 roadster some different characteristics. But, die hard hot rodders will disagree and would prefer a good set of steelies with chrome cap.

It was too bad the winner from this year could not afford the Income tax on this $200k hot rod. If it was me, take out a second mortgage b/c this '33 is one-of-a-kind.

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