Thursday, April 29

Engine Sculpture

The US Hot Rod engine builders play at a different level. This motor is a great example of engine sculpturing at its' best. Complete wire tuck hidden lines. The titanium finish is just gorgeous on the dark green valve covers. I would like to see someone build the UZFE into a ITB monster.


Tuesday, April 27

Boosted V12 AC Cobra

Awesome AC Cobra Replica with a supercharged Mercedes V12 engine and lots of carbon at Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2010.

The satin gunmetal finish on black and carbon fiber accents work really well. Even the rear wheels are flush to the fender. This AC Cobra is purely in a league of its' own.


Amuse S2000

Wind tunnel proven aero kits are super rare. Most are just visual add-on pieces that add weight and crack easily. Amuse is one of the top Japanese tuning companies around and their widebody S2000 is totally proven to add serious down force with lightweight dry carbon material. All business!

Insane Volvo C30

Skruffse's RWD Volvo C30 at Westcoast Motor Show in Vänersborg, Sweden 2009

This crazy Volvo has been converted to rear wheel drive with a motor shoved way into the firewall.. infact all you see is a huge turbo in the engine bay. With tons of carbon fiber and a side exit exhaust.. this is one crazy Volvo hatch!

Swedish built motor

Recently, I came across a show in Sweden that housed some of the craziest builds under one indoor roof. Just check out this drag Volvo powered monster. Yeah, that's right.. it is a Volvo. It's pure engineering and quality cars in Sweden. Honestly, after a few seconds of browsing their level of builds, we builders here in the US really need to wake up and raise to the occasion. These guys are serious!

Fun House Mirrors

The circus is intown!

Random Sightings - 4dr Golf

Parked near Dublin Swim Academy on a Saturday. It's rare to see a modified 4dr Golf, so this deserves a few pics.

Good job!

Friday, April 23


SUPPORT IT. FreshA$$ Neek and the LV crew!

GTRAAWR - Madness

When an old friend couldn't find a Lambo for a good deal.. I semi-directed him towards the Nissan GTR. Then he pulled the trigger and got a black beauty. Today the car is very street modded including, BBS LM wheels, Amuse Ti-exhaust, Amuse downpipes, KW Sleeve springs, Titeck carbon lip kit, Smoked headlights and lots of other JDM goodies. I think the stance is right on for daily driving especially by where he commutes.

In the coming months, hopefully this beast will take a turn a surpass the street look and head into a GT race appearance. Stay tuned, more to come.

JOB Design Lexus GS350 completed

Silver Hybrid JOB GS350 on WORK Gnosis wheels.. very nice indeed. Yellow calipers on silver reminds me of Porsche. UAS air suspension puts this car very low on the ground.

Very detailed and sexy car!

Job Design

Wednesday, April 21

JOB Design Lexus GS350

Another customer with the Hybrid series aero kit. Looks like this Lexus GS350 is getting the whole treatment with UAS Air suspension and possibly some new kicks as-well.

Good to see JO is staying busy.

That perfect VW combo

BBS RS stretched and slammed on a MKII Golf. Life is good.

Monday, April 19

Blue tape ritual

Tuners here in the US loves car shows and sunshine. Like many we drive our show cars to and from events all over the country. (mainly in Cali) Unlike the hot rodders and muscle cars, we are anal over rock chips. So clear bras were created as a see thru sticker with a given thickness to stop penetrating rocks when flying on highway speeds.

Then on top of that, a layer blue paint tape to protect the clear bra... tell me, is that a bit too much?..

Ppl in this interesting image: Glen peeling away the tap on his infamous Rod Millen GS, PandaGS watching intently on how to remove access adhesive on bumpers and Johnson doing nothing and pretending to g.a.s.

Textured wall paper art

Stumbled onto this Google searching for textured art. Interesting mix of cars utilized within this piece.

Fresh Textured Black

Wheels are a fad. First it was gloss black and then Tire Rack ruined it. Then it was matte black and every kid with a scoby thinks they have a time attack race car.

Next up, texture black.

Crazy Chrome x Fresh Interior

This gen2 Aristo has 3 mile deep chrome dipped wheels and a custom interior that can holds its' own in Osaka!

C'mon US builders... research more for inspiration and create your own jive. Why does the Japanese culture do everything better? B/c they are passionate, they work hard, research, draw concepts and continue to improve their methods of craftmenships.

Step up yo game!

The Pursuit Weekend

Last August, I debuted the matte white LS430 down in Socal with a bunch of Bay Area locals that all caravan together.

At the event, I was finally able to meet Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis and thanked him for supporting the project with their wheels. Troy was amazed to see the cars were vinyl wrapped instead of matte clear paint. As the day went on we discussed durability of vinyl and how it forms to compound curves.

Cherry Blosson San Jose 2006

Cherry Blossom and spring is near. This image was taken back in 2007 at the San Jose Cherry Blossom festival. The Altezza served the lead car in the main intersection for the entire event. 15 Lexus came out to represent the Norcal Lexus scene and even one of our brothers Doug made the drive from Socal.

Here you see the Altezza at its' final stages with air suspension, Endless brakes, new gold chrome pin stripe. Judges stood and listen as I explain the many long journey I had with my old car. Do I miss it, of course.

Sunday Afternoon @ Fremont Toyota

This was taken several years ago when I still rocked the vip-style Altezza. Rolo brought his 2 babies to come see the wild Auto Concept Scion at the Toyota Dealership in Fremont.

Sure was good times.

Recaro X ASM = $10k racing seat

Indeed a beautiful seat.. but $10k each...??

Metallica for the WIN!!!

Here's a sneak into the June issue of the Goodguys Gazette West Coast Custom of the Year winner. Metallica's front-man, James Hetfield's killer '36 Auburn took home the coveted win.

Congrats to our local metal singer/song-writer/automotive designer!

Carbon Fiber Watch

I rarely look on GT-RR.. only when a buddy ask for GTR parts.. but I stumbled on this interesting all carbon watch. Apparently, there's a source in Japan that can convert any watch into a full carbon fiber bodied work of art. Yes, it cost more than $2000 dollars with a 1 month turn around. So those with Fossil watches.. this ain't for you!

iPhone 4G LEAK


Look here

Wheel Measurements Explained

CCW Wheels have been producing some of the best lightweight wheels in the market for years. Lately, they have taken a huge presence in the tuner/street scene with their new 18" inch Euro Steplip wheels. Not only do they offer the most custom wheel for any customer needs, they even educate with a great write-up on wheel measurements on their website.

Check it out!

Flat Gray Lambo

Singapore built Lambo sure got lots of personality. Check out the killer matte gray on gloss black wheels, mirrors, ducts, wing, etc. This is great contrast.

If anyone knows of a good source for matte gray vinly.. leave me a reply!!!

JOB Design Store

Inside the infamous Job Design store front. A wall of nothing but the best, WORK wheels and a glass table with a magazine shelf right under. Cool!

Job Design

Cafe Racer Harley

When people say Harley, one will think of the big American bikes that cruise the country lots of chrome. This is another great example of what the Japanese creative minds can do to such a style and add their own flavor. Cafe Racer style Harley!!!

Crazy Carbon Fiber Interior

Everybody loves carbon fiber.. apparently not as much as this Porsche 997 owner.

Wednesday, April 7

'60s Movement

Cafe Racer by Zero Chop in Okazaki-City.

This guys builds some f***in sick-A$$ bikes.

Zero Chop

Corpses from Hell

Read more here: Pipeburn

Western Japan

What do you get when you see Japanese ppl rockin' a 1929 hot rod and bobber bikes..?

Mean & Green

This is how to make a boring green Prius look tough and mean!

Version 1: Completed

The Matte White Lexus LS430 was completed last August 2009. It was one crazy week where sleepless hours were exchanged for delegent labor. Johnson and Vincent were the two that helped out the most to successfully finish the wrap.

Thanks guy!

Version 2: Started.

ASI Beauty

Gold calipers on Satin black wheels with Gold vinyl logo pinstripe... doesnt get any better.

Lost Art

Lace Paint jobs are damn rare today.

Passenger Air Bags