Friday, July 31

Wagenwerks: Killing IT..!!

Worthersee Tour 2009 Teaser from wagenwerks on Vimeo.

By far one of the baddest video compositions ever. Wagenwerks got mad skills!

8380 Laboratories

Just got a package of cool goodies from the folks at 8380 Labs. These guys are hawt down in East Coast with their hella fresh swag in the VW scene.. check them out: 8380 Labs

Thanks guys!

Rhys Millen World Record Pikes Peak climb

The man is a Legend. Beautiful video. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 28

GG - Cover Choices

Been working on the October Gazette cover. Which one will make it to press.. just gotta wait and see.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 21

John Weston's GT-R in UK Banazi Magazine

Those of you that follow the import scene in the Bay Area might know of this white GT-R. John is a local cat from Berkeley that has been in the import scene for some time now. You may have seen his other creations in pass recent years at HIN, JDM Theory event. His latest project is this stunning R35 GT-R with all the right treatments. Amuse, Mines, iForged.

His car was debuted at SEMA 2008 in the iForged wheel booth that generated serious hype. Next John started thrashing it at some of the major Time Attack events.

What's next? Just wait and see. John never disappoints.

Congrats on the feature.

Art On Motion LP640 video