Friday, December 30

Exotic Air Cup Suspension

Coming in 2012, there is a new player in the cup suspension market: EXOTIC AIR. Insider news are circulating that their designs have been in BETA testing secretly for the pass few years. Fully CAD designed and billet cut in T6061 alloy, their products are rigorously over-engineered. With 2 different sizes to hit the market, this will be a company to look into. The rumors are over 3-4" inches of suspension lift (depending on coilover stroke), lightweight designed that does not add much to unsprung weight, and packaging unlike anything else in the automotive market. They look like the Opus One of air cup suspension.. more news to come in 2012 !!!

Exotic Air

Monday, September 19

JOB Design New Series

What's in the works?.. A new series from JOB Design soon to be available for many VIP platforms. This new style will integrate many of the newer Euro styles and a sportier fog light assemble. Just like the Hybrid series, this will be the next big hit for our friend JO and JOB Design Japan.

JOB Design

Tuesday, August 23

What is a theme?

Every build has a theme. This example of a 40's Ford Pickup has a 2-tone effect where the body-line easily allows the truck to be split in the middle. I appreciate the gloss black grill which connects with the hood and into the roof. If only the wheels were black and had better offset.. almost there.

Nonetheless, a fine example of modern on classic.

Hellafresh CAMARO

If anybody knows more info on this build, please post it up. Cheers!

"Blastro" Chevy Astro Drag-Van

Spotted at this years Goodguys Nationals in Columbus, this Chevy Astro was putting on a show at the drag strip with a full top fuel motor. With a induction taller than the roof-line, this chopped and complete tube-chassis drag-van is all show and go.

Swagger wagons, the next scene to be revived.

Thursday, July 21

Not so mellow-yellow Honda FIT

Since the first generation of the Honda FIT, I've been a huge fan of the littel Kei-car. Check out this incredible build from the Philippines. The JDM spec sheet sounds something like this; Mugen widebody kit, Volk Racing TE37 wheels, Endless bbk, HKS turbo kit, Bride buckets, and much more.

This is one of my top 3 Honda FITS of all time.

Wednesday, July 20

Ford '32 Highboy powered by Nissan ZX motor

This Nissan powered 1932 highboy sure stuck-out in a field of 4000 rods at the Nashville Nationals. Look at how tight the fitment is especially knowing the highboy fenders tapers inward. You are looking at a Japanese designed V6 Nissan power plant inside a domestic Ford hot rod.


Thursday, June 23

Falcon Sprint Sleeper

Ford Falcons were designed with excellent lines from the factory. Small and compact with a lighter curb weight gave the advantage over the rather heavy Muscle cars of that era. Donnie's '64 Falcon is a total sleeper from the outside. Equipped with only a set of wheels and a lower stance, it's hard to guess what lies under the front hood. A 347 ci Ford 4R70W with twin Cobra Paxton superchargers melts the BF Goodrich tires at many street light launches.

Total sleeper.

Chop Top VW

The Goodguys Colorado Nationals were abundant of fine examples of Hot Rods, Customs, and Muscle Cars. One particular example was this incredibly built '67 VW owned by Josh. Many VW are built with a rebellion attitude, but not this wide-body and chopped roof beauty. The amount of detail and high-level execution sent Josh's bug straight into the winner-circle with a Rodders Rep Pick of the weekend.

This is clearly one of my top 5 VW bugs of all time.

Tuesday, May 3

Micro G-machine

This all show/go lateral G-machine was incredible in every way. From the complete carbon body to the passenger-side mounted motor, I can only imagine what this little track car can do in the corners. If anybody knows more info on this please reply.

Amazing build !!!

Masterpiece Lexus

No words.

Back in the Days: Club Lexus Norcal

Time seems to speed-up as more kids are born.. these images were taken in San Jose after the Cherry Blossom event held by Junior and JDM Theory back in 2007. Like all good things must come to an end. During those days, this group, in my opinion was truly the best of days. No drama, No BS.. just a bunch of car gurus down for whatever and whenever.

Listed in order of appearance:
  • My VIP style IS300
  • Glen's Rod Millen signature GS400
  • Anna's Vertex & SSR IS300
  • ChrisG's Mode Parfume & Junction Produce slammed GS400
  • Will's Vertex & TrafficStar GS400
  • Rolo's Vertex & Junction Produce IS300
  • Doug's Supercharged with INGs & WP Pro equipped IS350
  • Llyod's Vertex & S13 swapped S14 Silvia
The best of times.
More here

Wednesday, April 27

Wide Enough?..

Spectra Performance's'72 Camaro has fender flares like no other.. it wraps some serious rubber and wheel combo. With carbon fiber grill, hood, trunk, this purpose-built AutoCross machine has yet to yield a win at the ever popular Goodguys AutoCross. I'm a fan, but the top-dawgs of the vendor-class belongs to Detroit Speed & Engineering, Maier Racing, and RideTech.

Car of the Day: e30

The BMW 3-series has progressed over the years. My all time favorite chassis is and will always be the e30. Small, nimble, inline motor and 80's box-design is the future. Finding one in any decent condition is the real challenge.

Tuesday, April 26

JRi Racing equipped Mustang

Matt Lazich's Anvil is built by Steve Strope and it features some incredible detailed parts. Besides the Kaase-built Boss 429 motor, carbon fiber bumpers, hood, air dam and lip wing, fully rolled-caged with red leather stitching, this Mustang had a custom cantilever suspension with the ubber expensive JRi Racing coilovers. With one-off wheels made to resemble old Gurney-Eagle Indy car wheels, the single locking spindle, and the big brake kit really puts this build in a different league.


Words & Photos: Goodguys Staff

Tuesday, April 19

Original Hot Rod

Hot Rods, they are an American icon in History. Hundreds of thousands of Hot Rods exist today, some in their original show room condition while others have been completely restored and customized to incredible fleet of automotive art.

Over the years, I got to see thousands of Hot Rods from all around the country. over time, a red '32 high -boy does become ordinary but,  there is nothing wrong with that. For those builders that push the creative boundaries in this industry, I am able to filter thousands of photos to fine those extraordinary leaders in the game. This screen shot shows quite a bit of different styles in the Hot Rod world, all executed flawlessly in it's own fashion. It's funny when I look into the Honda or the Silvia scene, owners believe that all the possible combos have been attempted leaving them with harder canvases paint. Can you imagine what a Hot Rodder is faced with when building a '32..?

Back to my point. There are plenty of crazy builds and themes out there, but a small percentage actually hit a cord and become something spectacular. I'll leave you with this: It's not about the length of your spec-sheet, but how each modification jives with one another to bring that vision/concept to life.

Less is more.

Cosworth D.F.X. Indy 500 Engine

I would love to get my hands on one of these legendary motors.
Image shot by GG staff.

Wednesday, April 13

VIP Style Civics built in Thailand

Thailand and VIP inspired builds have been the talk for awhile now. These guys are creating a new trend without even knowing it. With the US Honda market still focused on engine swaps and wire tucks, although great in many ways. But these Thailand project Honda Civics are just hella original. Execution is incredible with custom VIP being the these. Ultra low slammed stance with deep dish wheels in negative offset is the choice for these FWD chassis.

Looking closely, you will notice the VIP style that has started this new generation of builders. Popular Japan VIP brands have somehow been carried over onto the Honda platforms. If you know the VIP scene, Japan doesn't offer much VIP parts for the Honda market (minus the K-car and Vans). To achieve such a fleet, these kits were completed cut and re-fiber glassed to fit the economy cars perfectly. The originality and talent is pouring out of these fine examples of what is total original and in an rather ordinary scene.

Kudos to Thailand for their artistic eye and creativity.

'35 Ford sitting right

This 1935 Ford got all the right treadments. With time correct parts and a stance functional on any road condition, this hot rod got my attention rather quick. Spotted at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals.

Uber Carbon Fiber

Racing at its' finest with the use of the most exotic and rare parts known to man. Ferrari.

E63 AMG Slammed on 18" TSW

An employee at GG just upgraded into a E63 AMG from his WRX at a total steal-of-a-deal. With barely a week owning the rights to the pink slip, a set of TSW Nurburing wheels in bronze replaced the stock rather boring AMG shoes. A quick trip to Sonic MS proved useful where Darwin and the crew performed the ultimate digital controlled lowering module from M1. With over 3" inches of height adjustment, this slick sedan sits ultra low with tucking 18" TSW wheels.

Next up is a carbon fiber front lip and a matching rear lip wing. Look out for this 6.3 Liter beast roaming the streets of San Mateo and at local Euro events.

Help Japan

JOB Design Ferrari F430 Debut

JOB Design Japan just released their long awaited Neo Teny Ferrari F430 aero kit. This thing is insane with the best of Japanese design and aggresive lines. I can see the purest scratching their heads, but to JO, he's just having fun living the dream. How many of you can take a napkin drawing and make it a reality..?

JOB Design

Friday, April 8

Thailand VIP Honda Accord

If you lived in a country that offered nothing for the VIP enthusiast, what cars would you build then?.. In this case, a rather different fwd platform was chosen by the creative folks at Royal Garage in Thailand for the transformation. What are you seeing here is late model Honda Accord that has been converted from daily grocery grabber to VIP angry attitude.

Look closely, this Accord is rocking a JDM genuine Blow Design Mode Parfume aero kit molded ever so perfectly onto the original Honda bumpers and skirts. The wheels are by WORK Japan and I can only guess it is on series suspension arms for the extreme demon camber out back. Even the exhaust tips and decals are legit no knock-off BS here.

So, if a true VIP platform is not offered in your country, don't panic or give up your dreams on driving a VIP style car... follow what the folks at Thailand are doing. Take a car that is affordable and available and make it a VIP inspired car. You don't have to build catalog cars.. be creative and make your own VIP car. Who knows, maybe along the way you will re-invent the wheel like the incredible example you see below.

Thailand VIP.. the next hot spot for VIP tuning.

Wednesday, April 6

Project Celsior featured on StanceIsEverything

A good friend runs StanceIsEverything in Toronto, Canada. Recently, he featured my Project30 matte white Celsior on his website. Keep an eye out, his site is blowing-up !!! Thanks for posting.


Thursday, March 31

Goodguys May Gazette Cover

A publication schedule never changes. Month after month, covers, features, and event coverages are designed and stitched together to what customers can appreciate as the Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette. While others can enjoy the downtime in the off season, the Gazette never stops.

Goodguys Gazette

Celsiors from JOB Design Japan

Despite the recent natural disasters in Japan, JO and his JOB Design team just finished 2 more Celsior30 for customers. I cannot imagine the difficulties Japan is dealing with to restore and rebuild, but it is good to know that the Japanese people are supportive of one another and calm with positive attitudes.

JOB Design Japan