Saturday, August 29

Spotted "Nasty A4"

A typical Saturday morning is waking up late and going to Red Tractor in Dublin for brunch. As I finished my pulled chicken bbq sandwich with garlic fries, a very decent Audi A4 pulls into the Best Buy parking lot. From a distance the stance, wheels, total package look spot on. When I managed to get my camera and drive out to the car, this Audi A4 was more than anticipated. Steplip DPE wheels with Brembo BBKs hiding behind in the front. The offset is very decent although I would prefer a bit lower for that ultimate slammed "IDGF" look.

Front mount intercooler meant power has also been tweaked along with dual cans sitting out back. I dig the Euro hood that slants over the headlights. I know that is a Euro trend, have yet seen that carried over in the Japan scene. Smoked tail lens, gloss black roof plus a carbon roof wing. Overall very decent in the Dublin are.

Whoever you are.. you get the SOLO seal of approval.

Friday, August 28

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009

I come back to this video all the time.. it's absolutely amazing to watch. Period.

Thursday, August 27

NOS Energy Booth

NOS Energy Drink was rocking a kick ass booth over the weekend at Goodguys West Coast Nationals. Look out for NOS being a major player in 2010 possibly event awards and presenting sponsor.

Super nice guy and a great setup.

NOS Energy Drink

Wednesday, August 26

Intro Wheels News

Intro Wheels is a giant in the automotive wheel industry. They make a vast array of billet wheels for the hot rod, domestic, import and euro scene. Ranging from 15 all the way up to DUB SUV sizes. Recent years they launched their own line of 3-piece wheels under the I.D. Brand. What others may not know is Intro has been cutting wheels for many other brands in the industry for years now. Euro and Import ppl will recognize names like iFoeged and Jline, which are all cut inside the Intro factory. Their quality is unmatched and with the very recent purchase of a super high-end German machine, Intro are now offering their own barrels and lips. Any size, and width, and style; reversed or stepped, Intro can do it. Want to cut your own custom designs, Intro can assist you. If 1 step lip is not enough, ask for 2 or 3. Any finish you can imagine in any texture or color, they can do it. Special finishes are sent out. Inhouse they do full polish.

This is great news in the wheel industry bc finally wheel makers are not dependent several sources to build a wheel. Instead it is now truly a one stop shop for all your wheel desires. No wait time for bulk purchases of a specific barrel size, etc.

I for some time now have been looking around for a Steplip 20" inch wheel and to be frank there are less than a handful of choices.. Not any more.

Check out INTRO WHEELS for more info!

Tuesday, August 25

'53 Studabaker Kart Hauler

We, here at Goodguys, just had over biggest hometown event this pass weekend, the West Coast Nationals. A good friend of Gary Meadors purchased this fine '53 Studabaker this weekend and will be shipping this car to Texas. Check out the condition of this sweet ride. Those that appreciate VW can easily see similar styles here. I personally respect the build. The stance needs to continue to come down a few more inches. The only thing about Stadabakers is the rear windshield that looks like a complete after thought. It's almost a front tri-five front windshield flipped to work in the rear. The color is old school, but we are seeing nostalgic colors creeping up again.

Excellent interior and super cool go kart. The back bed is all cream suede. I wonder how they keep that clean.


Traditional Japanese Bosuku

Bosuku is a culture in Japan. Old school cars mainly in the early 80s outfitted with almost anime characteristics from Robotec, Gundam, and Bumblegum Crisis, to name a few. Recently, I came upon this image of a night meet in Japan of find examples of Bosuku cars. The more I look at these cars, the more I see some sort of insect form with antennas, especially the middle bronze car. It could almost be a fleet of Japanese Transformer Japabots.

I respect these cars, I still do not know enough about them, but any car on wheels with horsepower is a friend of mine.

Orange Cream 1968 Chevy pickup

Orange paint on white bumper, roof and huge dish wheels makes me wanna reach for a Orange Cream Soda.

Image taken at Goodguys PPG Nationals Columbus, OH.

Hot Rods all day long

Many ppl have asked me in the pass what is it like working for the worlds largest Hot Rod association.. my answer is simple. It's like going to work at Toys R Us for big boys. Although many of us have never grown out of our childhood infatuation with the concept of 4 wheels that roll, I get to hear the latest and greatest hot rod news from builds to trend setting designs. I sort through thousands of images of hot rods across the nation. From the good to the excellent and of course the ones that are stuck in a time line. We love 'em all.

Here's a quick screen shot of what I see on a daily here in the office. These are 28-39 yr. cars from Columbus, Ohio. Here in Lightroom, the images are processed from their original state to print ready. File names are also changed in this process and captions are mirrored to the metadata. Then the cars are actually judged on a A-B-C level. "A" cars have top priority in the layout including larger image sixes and the rest follows.

At the events I get a lot of questions about why a certain car was left out or why was a car used super small, etc. My answer is simple, it is a design decision and thanks for supporting Goodguys.

Monday, August 24

Ridiculous Flared Audi A8

This image was from Worthersee in Austria this year. Check out this crazy A8 with complete custom flares. Look at the execution, how clean the lines are, it looks almost stock. I hate the Euro guys.. they keep raising the standard and US cant seem to ever catch up.

Respect for the die-hard Euro dudes.. you guys keep our US scene fresh.

Sucks all we can come up with is DUB suvs and spinners.. sad.

Bagged BBS Mini Clubman

When news broke about BMW relaunching the Mini Cooper brand it caused a frenzy of attention from fans. When BMW continued the brand with the Clubman, people were more concerned. The Clubman is not very attractive, in fact it is very hard to look at. Thank goodness for enthusiast in this world to try and make something better. Enter this syk-a$$ Clubman.

This Mini has been given a straight set of BBS RM in 15" inches. Then a air suspension system was added to further allow the killer stance.

The owner has been working on some custom tricks including shaved turn signal lens in the rear taillights, dual exhaust, and shaved rear windshield wipers and door latches.

By far, my favorite Mini Clubman today.

Balrog Garage Cayenne

One of the meanest looking front ends for the Porsche Cayenne is by Balrog Garage. The nose has a hint of the Nissan GT-R and that's probably why I'm attracted to it. Besides the "Tire Rack" looking wheels, this aero kit is very decent. Oh, and it also needs to be lowered about 20" inches.

Balrog Garage

Sunday, August 23

Reppin 8380 Labs, Dubkorps, Fatlace

Reinventing and blending cultures styles designs to keep the scene

Friday, August 21

Vegas baby

Press check today for October Gazette
always nice to get out of the office
only thing is Vegas = 109 degrees

reppin: DubKorp OEM Plush tee, Guess jeans and sport jacket, Ed Hardy kicks, Meister King of Pop watch, Goovear cap

good times.

Thursday, August 20

Fatlace + Formula D official Tees

Official Tees have been launched on the Fatlace eShop. Score yours today before it's limited run is all sold out. Also, dun forget about the pre-party at the Fatlace store tonight on Post st.

Fox Marketing ISF - 2dr SEMA project

Last year Fox Marketing debuted one syk custom IS-F for Lexus. So it comes as no surprise the guys got their hands on the brand new 2 door convertible IS and their plans are big. Custom metal wide body with IS-F bumpers and skirts. Even the fender will carry similar treatment from the F car. A complete Twin Turbo setup is scheduled as well. My guess is another rear section turbo system that places the turbos where the stock mufflers are and run piping back up to the front. This is actually a very clever design. Many modern cars today have little room in the engine bay for turbos. Plus relocating to the rear create no extra heat, the only problem is possibly clogging the intake filter with dirt and water. Besides that, double the amount of piping is needed to run underneath the car. Charged air also run cooler when exposed outside the engine bay. In my opinion, I would like to see more ppl execute rear mount turbos.

Back to point, SEMA is around the corner and we will see this sweet coupe convertible at the Lexus booth.

Be there~!

Wednesday, August 19

Deucenberg caught unloading

I swung by the fairgrounds after work today to take a peep at how set-up has been so far.. as I was about to head home, out of a trailer comes this years Riddler winning 1932 B400 Deucenberg V8. So of course I slam the car in park and jump out with my trusted pointed and shoot.

The car is actually quite small. Images on the net makes the car feel so grand and mighty. Up close, this was tiny. But he attention to detail just blew me away.

If you missed Detroit Autorama this year, come to West Coast Nationals this weekend at the Alameda Fairgrounds to see the Deucenberg up close and personal.

Be there~!

RoadsterShop '62 Corvette @ Goodguys West Coast Nationals

Little words could describe this complete custom "62 Corvette built by the Roadster Shop in Illinois. When the news broke about the debut at PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio many did not expect the kind of reaction it got when the curtains opened. This car is in my book one of the sickest ground-up builds ever. It was dubbed the Euro style Corvette with the use of exotic parts like Carbon Fiber, one off CNC parts, HID lights, Brembo 6 piston big brake kit, to name a few. The car sits on a custom chassis that not just gives the perfect stance but the car actually handles like a go kart. Infact at Columbus, the Corvette posted the best time of the entire weekend. All show and all go.

If you are coming to West Coast Nationals, do not miss a chance to see this incredible car which will be in their Roadster Shop booth on the grass next to the Hall-of-Commerce at the Alameda Fairgrounds, CA.

I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Goodguys West Coast Nationals 2009

Long known as the “Crown Jewel” of Goodguys events, the 23rd annual West Coast Nationals returns home to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds this weekend bringing over 3,000 1957 rods, customs and classics from around the world! The West Coast Nationals is the largest participant automotive event in the Western United States and offers show goers the world’s finest American hot rods, customs and classics.

All of the event’s traditions are cherished. Starting on Monday, Hot Rod Week takes rodders on four days of guided tours in and around the Bay Area to various collections, hot rod shops, museums and other cool points of interest. Friday’s Shade Tree Social hosted by the Danville Dukes offers wieners and fellowship in the fairgrounds picnic area. A spectacular array of vendor exhibits, special parking areas, a giant Goodgals Gallery (arts & crafts), kids games, seminars, the crowning of America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod, and over one hundred other specialty awards like the Stroker McGurk, Billy B Memorial and Best Bitchin’ plus many others are offered.

A special “must-attend” seminar is scheduled for Friday, August 21st. The Association of California Car Clubs (ACCC) Legislative Seminar "Save Our Cars", led by ACCC Legislative Liaison/Analyst Bob Stearns will focus on educating hot rodders and classic car enthusiasts on current and upcoming California laws and policies regarding collector automobiles.

Topping the all star weekend is the Roy Brizio Street Rod Reunion. Brizio and his team have rounded up over 100 Brizio built street rods which represent over three decades of superior craftsmanship. All of the cars will be displayed together as one big group on the grass on the West Side of the fairgrounds near the Goodguys big rig. Brizio and his team will be on hand Saturday to chat with friends and fans, take photos and kick tires. Author Bo Bertillson will also be on hand with copies of his new coffee table book “Roy Brizio Street Rods.”

For a complete look at the West Coast Nationals visit

Event Hours:
Friday 8/21 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8/22 8am to 5pm
Sunday 8/23 8am to 3pm
General Admission: $17
Kids 7-12 $6
Fairgrounds Parking: $8
Registration Fees (Registration located at the Pleasanton Hilton. Registration is open to rods, customs and classics through 1957 vintage only).
Three day registration fee (includes car and 2 people): $70
Sunday only registration fee (includes the car & two people) $35. Please note that Sunday registration is located at the Fairgrounds and is open from 8am to NOON. Enter Rose Ave. Gate.

MK3 Golf w/green BBS

I love it when ppl build cars without boundaries. The no fear, I don't car what you think attitude. B/c in any industry, especially automotive it's easy to get sucked down a trend path and before you know it, you're just another follower.

VW guys have been setting trends from years ago. In fact the VIP Japan scene started from an adaptation of the Euro Mercedes and Jaguar Scene. Just like today the Honda scene has taken a strong interest towards the rebellious VW cars. Old school BBS wheels in 15 inch step-lips with staggered setups pushed all the way out with hard negative camber. It's all b/c the VW scene has been doing this for years now.

I have a big spot in my heart for VW cars and I promise I will build one soon.

Enjoy this killer MK3 Golf.

2010 Goodguys Giveaway: The Boss Snake

Goodguys is proud to announce the 2010 Grand Prize Giveaway Car – the 1970 BOSS Snake. Boss Snake is a 429 Ford powered super muscle car designed by Kaucher Kustoms being built and assembled by Max-G Systems of Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. Max-G Systems is bringing new and innovative products and designs to the automotive aftermarket suspension industry led by their new Max-G Bolt-In Chromoly 4130N Aircraft Alloy chassis system. The BOSS Snake is a concept based on the ultra rare QuarterHorse Mustang of which there were only two prototypes ever built.

The car’s finish will be PPG/Goodguy yellow. It will feature a complete Max-G suspension system powered by a Jon Kaase-built 429 Ford hemi motor, custom one-off Intro Wheels and many other unique muscle car performance parts and accessories.

Conceived as a possible replacement for both the Boss 429 and Shelby Mustangs, the so-called QuarterHorse Mustangs were built from actual Boss 429 Mustangs by the Kar Kraft company in Brighton, Michigan. Also referred to as the "Composite" Mustang, it contained several different parts and pieces than the original BOSS 429 Mustangs. The body was standard 1970 Boss 429, the front clip was Shelby Mustang, less the hood scoops, and the dash was Cougar. The first Quarterhose, KK 2061, was painted Grabber Blue and was initially fitted with a Boss 429 engine. It was soon replaced with a 429 SCJ and sent to Hollywood to star with Burt Reynolds in a short-lived TV series called "Dan August". The second Quarterhorse was Candy apple Red and was fitted with a 429 SCJ engine. Amazingly, both Quarterhorses survived the crusher and are in the hands of collectors.

Max-G will be at this year’s Great American Nationals (Sept 25-27 at Pocono Raceway) to display the chassis and give fans an up close look at the vehicle’s chassis and suspension system. Look for the BOSS Snake to debut as a finished car in Scottsdale.

Project sponsors include: Vintage Air, Classic Instrument, Painless Performance, BFGoodrich, Flaming River, Ricks Hot Rods, Dynacorn, Baer Brakes, Tremec, Optima Batteries, Herculiner, PEAK, Grundy Insurance, Flowmaster Exhaust, Comp Cams, Performance Rod & Custom.

Fatlace + Formula D = HellaFresh

On Thursday August 20th, 2009 just before Round 6 at Sonoma you can head over to Fatlace for driver autograph signings and a t-shirt release party. The event is from 6pm to 9pm where you can get your hands on some exclusive shirts Fatlace x Formula D t-shirts. One lucky guest to the party will win a Formula D ride along. Cone Killers II will top last years event by far.

1630 Post Street
Japantown, San Francisco

6:00pm to 9:00pm


Vecspeed Joey is Boosted with Hardtop

A good friend recently just finished his turbo S2000 here in the Bay. We all know in the Bay Area, there are dozens of boosted S2k's done right. Joey is from the old school grassroots days when street racing was still a popular scene in Milpitas and Sacramento. When he told me about his 3rd S2K project, you know.. 3rd time is the charm. Well, let's just let the images speak from themselves.

The car had a face lift with '04 headlights and '02 interior door panels. The rare Amuse R1 bumper accent the clean roadster lines quite well. Out back is all business with a complete Spoon rear diffuser and a ASM S-special 70mm exhaust. The carbon hardtop is Seibon which covers the Cusco 4-point cage and Recaro SPG bucket and Takata harnesses.

Joey went the distance with rolled and lipped fenders on all 4 corners to run lower offset wheels. Currently he is rocking a set of VOLK CE28s in 7.5 and 9, but I know he will continue to push for a more aggressive stance in the near future.

The stock motor has been given a Greddy Carb legal turbo kit that makes a healthy 15 psi and nearly doubling his wheel horsepower. The valve cover has been painted white to match the car which I thought was a great decision. The engine bay is all show and all go.

Overall, I give Joey credit for continuing to build cars with a fresh attitude and a clear vision. Although, I would suggest more aggressive wheels, possibly paint the awful stock Cusco blue cage, and just maybe in the meantime, rattle can the wheels another color. Silver just looks so TireRack. <--lol

Don't forget BBK's make the biggest difference from kid-built street-car to adult man-project.

Congrats, keep up the good work!