Wednesday, December 29

JOB Design & K-Edition Alphard

JOB Design hybrid kit on a Toyota Alphard. Custom transplant was performed by K-Edition and an incredible job making this kit look right at home on the van chassis. When will the US owners start performing their own transplants?.. Beautiful!

Thursday, December 23

Incredible Radius Fender UCF10 Celsior

Radius Fenders, complete metal fabrication, UCF30 front and rear, 2JZ swap, 6-speed Getrag, Project Mu BBK, and finished in Hot Magenta.

Checkmate. Sex on wheels.

Holiday Customs XS650

Absolute work of art. Found on Pipeburn

Wednesday, December 22

Datsun 240Z – Yellow and not Mellow

A regular at the Goodguys Get-Together events.. this beautifully built 240Z has won numerous awards in the Northern California area. Powered by a Chevy 350 and completely SCCA track ready, this Z gets even respect from the die-hard Detroit muscle owners.

It's too bad this Z is just a trailer-queen.. I would stretch her legs on a track any day, and time.

Tuesday, December 21

Autocross Mini Copper

Can you guess the size of them Panasport wheels..? Winner get's 2 tickets to any local GG hometown events.

ZR1 Influenced '66 Corvette

Roadster Shop Stop Challenge

At the recent Goodguys Lone Star Nationals, the Roadster Shop brothers had a "run-in" with their green/black Chevelle and a fence. Always with good humor, the boys had a sign made to remember the historic event. See you guys in 2011.

Roadster Shop

Rushforth Equipped Firebird CODE RED

Spotted at the Goodguys Great American Nationals in Pocono, this Firebird was incredible inside and out. With a set of Rushforth wheels "Night-Train", it battled the Autocross all weekend and out performed some heavy competition.


When Driveshafts FAIL

Monday, December 20

Balken DTM Forged Alloy

Balken DTM Forged is a new wheel brand from Japan. Forging pressed from the best 8000 ton press machines in Japan, these wheels are extremely lightweight and durable. What caught my eye was the radical circular brush effect on the face of the wheel, apparently they call it "Balken Brushed". It adds a 3D texture to a flat surface which is interesting. Offered in 20" inch applications and 10" wide or 22" inch diameters and 12" inches wide. Be prepared to pay a hefty price tag.

G-Answer VIP Majesta Aero kits

G-Answer Japan debuted a new aero kit for the Toyota Crown Majesta. I cannot help but notice the similarities of the front bumper to hints of MODE Parfume and some Black Pearl Celsior30. Overall, this kit is very clean and flows well with the original OEM Majesta body-lines. 

What do you think?..

Avanzare Japan Air Suspension

AVANZARE Japan offers a few options when it comes to air suspension. From the standard bellow-air bags to air cylinders incorporated with coilovers, there are options for different budgets, owner preferences and purpose.

Satou-Jihan UCF30 Celsior

It has been 10 years since Toyota debuted their 3rd generation of the flagship luxury sedan, the Celsior. The lines are still incredible with strong presences from the Euro/German companies. Yet, it is becoming more popular here Stateside as one of the more modified platforms for VIP.

Satou-Jihan's fine example of classic EXE styling still is very much accepted and functional today. Complete package provided by WALD International including the 3-piece aero lip kit, FRP front fenders, Mahora M11C wheels finished in OEM Crystal white and an incredible stance.

Sometimes, less is more.


MODE Parfume & 7 Demand

MODE Parfume is a well recognized name in the VIP scene. They produce aero kits for many of the popular flagship chassis in cluding the Nissan FUGA and the Toyota Aristo. They have also collaborated with 7 Demand, a suspension expert company from the drift world. Take a look at yet another option of high-end adjustable control arms and end links.

MODE Parfume