Friday, June 25


I found this RX7 in my folder of internet findings. JDM taillights, JDM front end, Ganador mirrors, and a deep dish SSR Professor S1s.. truly is inspiring. The stance and fitment is spot-on!!

BMW F1 engine M12/13 : 1000hp/liter

Model: BMW Formula 1 engine M12/13
Year: 1985 - 89
Engine: 4 cylinder Turbo Charged, 16 valves
Displacement: 1499cc
Bore and Stroke: 89.2 x 60 mm
Max Torgue: 450 N.m @ 8500 rpm
Power Output: (Brabham BMW BT52) 580 - 790 bhp for qualyfying, 530 - 700 bhp for racing, depending on boost pressure.

This 4-cylinder engine, based on used blocks from production models, was produced specifically for Formula 1 racing. It was first introduced by Paul Rosche, Head of Development, in 1981. During its first season it was capable of between 600 and 630 bhp, an output that by 1983 had increased to between 630 and 790 bhp at 11000 rpm (depending on boost pressure).

Three Grand Prix victories, including the Brazilian Grand Prix, in addition to numerous other top positions were enough to secure the World Championship title for Team Brabham BMW and Nelson Piquet in 1983. This was hte first World Championship to be won by a turbocharged engine.

In the years to follow, intensive development work on the engine electronics and turbochargers would eventually push the engine output up to some 1100 bhp at a boost pressure of 4.4 bar

Snaps & Words by Daniel Pink

8380 Labs - MK1 Two Door Gang

Check out 8380's latest design.. for all you MK1 addicts, this one is a must have. Honestly, in my opinion.. 8380 Labs are turning out some of the best work I've seen in recent years. Unlike others that just copy Fatlace, Stanceworks, Canibeat.. these guys are true to their culture. I respect that deeply.

Go peep their website: 8380 Labs

Fresh Fixie

Thursday, June 24

Daily Desktop

Working in Adobe Lightroom on September Cover choices. Cheers!

Slash Gear - Carbon Fiber vinyl for iPhone 4

Today, the iPhone 4 officially launches worldwide and one company already have a rear glass vinyl protector made out of carbon fiber. My guess, 3M carbon fiber vinyl decal.

Very cool, given the fact another company performed a drop test on the new gen 4 iPhone and on the 4th waist-height drop, the glass scattered..

Get ready to protect your investment.

Tesla Roadster – Impression

Tesla Motors is a Bay Area company that has been creating buzz over the pass few years with their electric-powered sports car. Luckily a good friend works for corporate and was able to setup a "first-look" at their Roadster.

Here are the facts:

It is powered by 6,000 individual lithium laptop batteries placed in compartments that are designed, tested and built by Tesla. If a battery fails, it is quite easy to replace in this manner. Expected battery life ranges from 7-10  years. Tesla offers a battery replacement program when you first purchase the car for $12k, but those without will have to cough-up over $30k for a new batteries.

The car produces 240 hp @ 1 RPM which translates to 0-60 dashes in a mere 3.7 seconds. Hitting 80 MPH is just around 5 seconds flat.

The car weights a hefty 2800 pounds, so definitely not a lightweight given the length and width of this little go cart. Thankfully, the all electric motor generates a instant "on/off" thrill of seat-pinning fun.

The entire car is made of carbon fiber to help reduce weight. Lotus is a vendor for Tesla where they build a good 60% of the car before Tesla installs the remaining heart-n-soul. The goal is to sway away from Lotus and be able to mass-produce the entire car by Tesla. Currently, there have been talk with Toyota to establish a 4-door sedan economic car possibly to be built at the Numi plant in Fremont, Ca.

Driving the Tesla Roadster is hard to describe. There's no idle. Only the sound of a whine when the pedal is mashed and the occasional tire squeal are the only audio response from this car. The sweet spot is oblivious. Anything after 100 MPH is not as impressive.

Starting at $112k you can be 1 of a thousand souls to own and drive a very unique sports car. Surely, this is not for everyone, but at the end.. it's a controlled experiment testing the human thinking of utilizing alternative power source and transportation measures. In my book, the Tesla Roadster feels like a life size electric RC car. Using USB cables instead of rubber hoses, it will take time to rethink gasoline powered 4-stroke motors that first established man and machine.

Tesla Motors

Wednesday, June 23

Carbon Fiber '66 Chevelle

A very impressive Chevelle was found at the recent Goodguys Colorado Nationals. With a good blend of shaved panels, mirrors, custom carbon fiber hood and one killer interior, this guy won the Custom Rod of the Year finalist pick. Also, check out that supercharged motor!


..on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.

Ugly Duckling

In the automotive culture, there are trend-setting and then the half-ass builds.. well, I've found the ugliest of-them-all.. look no further, here is your winner!!

Lead Toyota Test Driver Killed In German Crash

R.I.P. Mr. Hiram Naruse. 6-23-10


22" Inch Step Lip - Kartier Forged

Jorge from Kartier Forged wheels just sent along their latest offering: 22" inch rolled step lip. Go check them out, they offer a good lineup of wheel designs and custom finished.

Kartier Forged

Monday, June 14


Junction Produce Camry

This Thailand built Toyota Camry is very inspiring. Junction Produce never offered parts for this sedan family hauler, so you can imagine my surprise to such a nice build.

This Camry got it all. From a custom JP kit probably from a LS400 to the widened fenders, truly this is a unique one of a kind. Even the quad tips, molded lip wing, and a custom grill was added with the VIP flavor. A set of Scaras, hood emblem, rear emblem and a killer camber stance gave this rather boring family car a brand new life.


Thursday, June 10

Wekfest Respect

During the downtime's here at GG, I tend to follow what my "Superstars" blog rollers are up to. I often read the Chronicles and it's a great world of Hondas to everything else grassroots in this US industry.

Check out this Japan magazine that dedicated 6 pages to our Norcal Wekfest event that took place earlier this year. Upon closer look.. there's a picture of my matte white LS430.. Totally unexpected and sure puts a smile on my face. To be along side some of the greatest Hondas ever built, I am humble to be in this all Japan Magazine.

You will also notice in this VIP section, Glen RMMGS, Mike GS430, and Sonic MS built VIP Honda Accord also got recognized in the mist of all the VIP cars. Great job guys!

Unloading the Beast

This custom UCF30 Celsior is all show. Packaged with Aimgain aero kit, Work wheels and a whole lot of custom tricks.. this got to be one of my favorite Celsiors in Japan. HAWT!

VW R32 • CCW • Japan

This car was found on and it's a very high-end build. Apparently, the custom CCW wheels were shipped overnight to Japan for this owner to debut at a local show. The custom purple color jives well with the gold finished 18" inch CCW wheels. Those that know, the R32 has some fender flareage but nothing close to what you are seeing here. All custom fender modes to rock 4" inch lips in the rear and 3" in the front.

Check out the custom interior. Every piece of plastic has been custom wrapped in leather with purple stitching. Even the Sparco racing seats got the full treatment.

If you have not noticed, this is a very expensive build.

Best part for me.. this R32 rolls on coilovers with tires tucking and perfectly flush to the edge. Again, Japan just knows their sh*t.

Wednesday, June 9

Tuesday, June 8


Decided to build my own custom "youzealand" front spacers. Check it out, fits like butter!

Saturday, June 5

SEMA 2010 projects

4 SEMA builds are underway. JOB DESIGN aero products arrived in a very expensive container.
More info to be released soon. Including what 4 cars and its make and model.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 3

Summer Get-Together

It's happening again this weekend, June 5-6 at the Alameda Fairgounds in Pleasanton. Goodguys world famous hot rod hometown show will be a 2 day event with plenty to see and do.

The highlight of the weekend will be a special guest appearance by TESLA MOTORS. A good friend works for Tesla corporate and will bring out one of their demo electric cars to make exhibition passes through our Street Challenge Autocross.

Also, a very unique car will be present all weekend as well. How about a single turbo LS1 custom built into a '93 Mazda RX-7 with over 600 whp power. When it was NA, the car ran a very fast 10.4 @ 130 MPH. With the added boost, it's only time this car will break into the 9-second world.

Come be apart of our Summer Get-Together. Look for the only Asian guy in a Goodguys uniform.

- s

Wednesday, June 2

Domestic DRIFT

When you say drifting, most will think of a Nissan Silvia or a Toyota AE86. But here at Goodguys, we think of a '66 Chevelle. Here's a demo vehicle from RideTech swinging that big-rear-end at our Nashville Nationals Street Challenge Autocross.

It's good to see those brave enough to cross-over.