Tuesday, October 16

Exotic Air Partners with Wilwood Brakes

Exotic Air is proud to announce our newest partnership with Wilwood brakes on our SEMA SCION FR-S. This is our first time working with Wilwood but I have been personally keeping a close eye on their products and their involvement in the industry. We were lucky to have contact Wilwood early enough to lock down a deal on 1 of 3 FR-S kits preleased before SEMA.

Full 2-piece floating rotors, 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears. Comes with more hardware than what I remember from other BBK companies. We are very excited to test these out on the track come 2013.

Look for the Exotic Air SCION FR-S at SEMA 2012 in the ENEOS Nippon Oil booth!


Wednesday, October 10

Exotic Air Partners with Tjin Edition - Ford Fusion @ SEMA 2012

Exotic Air is thrilled to be working with Tjin Edition at the 2012 SEMA show. The first car is the all new redesigned 2013 FORD Fusion fully equipped with our Exotic Air lifter suspension. The car will be on display on the FORD Stage throughout SEMA week at Las Vegas.

Check out the rendering:

Exotic Air  |  Tjin Edition  |  FORD  |  Pedders Coilovers

Friday, September 28

FR-S SEMA Build - Airaid Intake

Keith @ Airaid reached out on FT86-club and offered their intake systems for our FR-S SEMA build. Although our cars are destined for boost and swaps, they were still more than happy to offer their latest intake systems to us for use in the meantime.

Initial reaction is similar to Whiteline products, great packaging, fast shipping and fantastic customer service. Keith and the Airaid team sure put together an awesome product for all BRZ and FR-S customers.

Check them out: Airaid

Thursday, September 20

SCION FR-S SEMA Project - Whiteline


Our SCION FR-S SEMA project has been in the works for a few months now. The majority of the work being concentrated on the GT-Inspired aero kit being build in-house. In the meantime, a good friend from the HIN days now work as head of marketing for WHITELINE Performance Suspension. He sent us a care package and we are grateful for our new partnership.

The package consist of sway bars front and rear, subframe mounts, and tranny bushing. I was very impressed with their packaging and attention to detail on every literature made. It shows true knowledge in their products and dedication in the suspension market.

Look for WHITELINE at SEMA with their own booth (24723) and their own demo BRZ.

Tuesday, September 18

JDM Nissan R35 GTR

How should this be built?.. Drag, time attack, Texas mile?..

What power range?.. 600, 800, 1500hp?..


Wednesday, September 5

Exotic Air Official SEMA Press Release

This year Exotic Air and N1 Concepts is working together to debut our own, "GT-Influenced" SCION FR-S at the SEMA autoshow 2012.

Initially, plans were to acquire the very popular, Rocket Bunny aero kit. Although the Kei Miura designed aero kit is very attractive, we wanted to step away from a subtle street build and closer to a true GT/Time Attack car.. which gave life to what you see here. Designed by a very talented artist, Andrew Zhou, and fully built at N1 Concepts here in Norcal.. look for this very special FR-S at SEMA this year.

To our partners and sponsors, we are most thrilled to be working together on this project!


Friday, August 10



After finding out the number of Rocket Bunny builds for SEMA, we decided to go a different route.

Monday, May 7

Exotic Air - A closer look

Exotic Air really spent their time putting out a great product. Check out their packaging.. Unlike others in the market that only care to turn a quick buck with a rather unfinished product, EA have outdone the competition with quality, functionality, lifestyle & culture, and buying experience as their company mission.

Whether you prefer track, grip, drift or just enjoy a proper set of coilovers, EA lifter systems can be adapted to allow up to 3" inches of suspension travel with a push of a button to clear those steep driveways or speed bumps.

You're probably thinking air bags have been in the suspension industry for some time now and could allow more than 3" inches of travel. But air bags are not spring rate and will never function anywhere like a coil spring. Which means air bag equipped cars does not drive properly on any road conditions.

Exotic Air was developed to assist coilover equipped vehicles where owners enjoy a lower ride height for better handling purposes and yet have the ability to raise the vehicle up to 3" inches for clearance when needed.

What lies inside of this custom made wood box is a pair of carefully packaged EA lifters.

Sonic MS in Mountain View, CA is their main distributor. Look for a launch special to come very soon!


Wednesday, March 21

SP Engineering Special Nissan R35

SP Engineering built this R35 with lots of rare JDM parts. Tommy Kaira carbon aero, HKS power supply, Advan wheels just to name a few.. not to mention Top Secret Gold paint.  (sourced from Night Import)

Arios Okuyama Auto Sports FD3S

This all track-purpose built FD is quite impressive. It ran a 58.818 at Tsukuba Circuit. Looks just a tad wider than stock.. (sourced from DogFight)

Tuesday, March 20

Jaeger-LeCoultre - Series Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox3 Tourbillon GMT - $85,000

Limited edition of 300 pieces

New Amvox for 2008.

Its round ceramic case is the first ever made in this material by Jaeger-LeCoultre. It houses the automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 988 tourbillon movement, driving two time-zone displays and a date making a larger jump between the 31st day and the 1st day of each month so as not to obstruct the full view of the tourbillon mechanism. The extraordinary open-worked dial enables one to admire the ruthenium-coated bridges and baseplate, as well as the blackened central bridge of the AP/PM indicator.

As befits such supreme exclusivity, the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT will be produced in a limited edition reflecting that of Aston Martin cars, also issued in small series so as to remain a luxury reserved for a privileged few.

A mixture of zirconium and yttrium oxides is heated at high pressure to a temperature of over 2000 degrees so as to combine the two components into strongly cohesive blocks. To avoid any risk of porosity, the homogeneity of the material is also subjected to radioscopic scrutiny. This material is then ground in order to shape the case. This stage is performed with five-axle CNC equipment in order to specifically work on each facet and each contour of the complex AMVOX case. This final stage calls for the use of special tools coated in diamond crystals as well as diamond powders for polishing. The type of ceramics used by Jaeger-LeCoultre features peerless resistance and stability, for a material that is barely harder than titanium, as well as far lighter and twice as hard as steel.

The AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT houses a high-performance movement that enjoys the privilege of incorporating the patented oscillating weight of Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 988C, the movement powering the Master Compressor Extreme LAB. This 21st century automatic movement is distinguished by the presence of a new oscillating weight featuring redesigned geometrical shape and affording a considerable improvement in winding performances. Its weight is 28% lower than classic rotors, since it is made from an alloy of platinum and iridium, the densest non-toxic physical body currently machinable. The use of avant-garde materials also serves to slim down the construction and achieve a far thinner result. Its arms are made from carbon fibers so as to make them lighter and more rigid. Friction is further reduced by mounting the oscillating weight on tiny ceramic ball-bearings. The design of the parts and the nature of the materials used in making them further enhance their shock-resistance and their durability.

The black hue of the case, the numerals and the dial echoing the characteristic structure of car radiator grids, makes a striking contrast with the 18-carat pink gold of the polished crown, the back bezel and the double folding clasp, as well as with the gilded accents of the luminescent broad pointers including a delicately open-worked minute hand.

Since the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT is intended for devotees of mechanical engineering, whether dedicated to automobiles or to precision timekeeping, it naturally sought to provide an ample view of the exceptional capacities of its revolutionary mechanism - starting at 6 o'clock, with a clear vision of the fascinating motion of the tourbillon. Its grade 5 titanium carriage features ruthenium-coated bevelled, drawn and polished edges and weighs no less than 280 mg. The 4N gold-plated upper bridge features a splendid open-worked design vividly evoking of the finest hours of automobile sports. The tourbillon is equipped with a variable-inertia balance oscillating at a cadence of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

The indispensable dual time-zone display is indicated by an additional hour hand and complemented by the ever useful AM/PM indication at 12 o'clock.

The main hour hand is adjustable in one-hour backward or forward increments by rotating the crown. The slender date hand pointing to the monthly calendar inscribed around the inner dial ring, performs a jump between the 31st day and the 1st day: an exceptional accomplishment for which a patent has been registered.

Further revealing the feats achieved by Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 988, the central dial opening affords fascinating glimpses of the ruthenium-coated bridges and baseplate, as well as of the central AM/PM indicator blackened with a PVD coating.

Jaeger-LeCoultre's designers have fitted the case of the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT with a sapphire crystal case-back.

Its appearance echoes that of the Aston Martin world through its avant-garde movement, its generous black ceramic case measuring 44 mm in diameter - a cutting-edge achievement in its own right - and aesthetic reminders relating to the signature codes of prestige automobiles, such as the driver's strap in perforated black calfskin with white overstitching and the winged Aston Martin logo appearing at 6 o'clock on the dial and admirably matching the brand's emblematic J and L capital letters at 12 o'clock.

Issued in a limited, numbered series of 300, the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT combines admirable strength and elegance, entirely dedicated to the masters of speed and of time.

Thursday, March 15

Exotic Air Porsche 997

More on this car later..

RWB & Illest SEMA 2011

Our good friends over at Illest have been busy with many SEMA projects. The big news was launching RWB (renown Japanese tuner for Porsche) in the US. The callabo included 3 complete RWB examples at SEMA 2011. Would you prefer matte white or green?

Gangsta Lexus LS600h

This is a very aggressive example of VIP tuning in Japan. If these big cars can handle and drive as good as they look parked.. then it's a win, win game! I'm a fan for big cars.. getting them to perform on a track is another story.

Tuesday, March 13

K&N, HPI, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Promo

Fun & Fresh.

East Bay Muscle Cars - '71 Camaro

There's only a handful of builders in the Norcal area that has the knowledge and experience to call themselves a custom shop. There's Brizio's, Moal, and a few others. But there's a new shop getting lots of hype in the Muscle Car world, East Bay Muscle Cars (EBMC) here in Brentwood.

Steve Keefer is not a newbie to cars. He worked as a tech for BMW for 10 yrs before taking that big step and starting his own shop to build beautiful and custom cars for his customers. What started out as his first '70 Mustang would land him numberous Goodguys awards, magazine feature articles, and invitation's to major track events. That car paved the way to what is EBMC today.

Many of Steve's customers come from near and far. 90% of them can tell you their horror stories of which shops to stay away from. EMBC is known to be the final stop for all these cars to finally get their cars completed and finished correctly.

EMBC keeps up with all things related to cars from Hotrods to Hybrids. Steve is a modern visionary that combines technology and trends into old school platforms. The end result is nothing shy of hip and classic mixed into one cool ride. The '71 Camaro you see here is a great example. The customer wanted to keep the 20 yr old paint but just needed the car to handle better. Wilwood BBK was installed with a 6/4 piston setup on 2-piece floating disc. Rushforth wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich add the grip on all 4 corners. The suspension was updated to handle the lower stance with QA1 coilovers and a complete free-flow exhaust give the old muscle car that desired sound.

What else can Steve and EBMC handle..? Well, you just wait. There's 2 pro touring projects being built currently. A twin turbo '67 Camaro in the works and a '69 Camaro with an impeccable amount of custom work will debut very soon. Look for a full feature this summer as the '69 will travel to Columbus and compete for the Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year award.

Stay Tuned.

East Bay Muscle Cars