Thursday, October 9

Fatlace enters Scion Tuner Challenge

Just heard the news a good friend is building a Scion TC for the Scion Tuner Challenge at SEMA this year. In recent years, David Huang and Team Hybrid has taken top honors. This year, our very own Norcal love Fatlace director will take a stab at building one of the most anticipated DTM widebody TCs ever.

Here is a quick rendering. If you know the kind of cars Mark builds, then surely, this will be no different.

NCCA will judge the 3 competing cars again this year and on Wednesday afternoon a winner will be announced with a 6 foot high trophy. It is truly an honor to build cars for corporate.

I will be covering this story live the week of SEMA. Be sure to check for updates the first week of November. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

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