Friday, October 31

Nissan 370Z leak

Nissan Press Release have not been shy to educate and promote the next generation Z. What you see here is the official photos from Nissan of what the 370Z will look like. With already a solid platform, the design focuses on softer lines and smoother curves. Each fender has a more aggressive flare especially there rear. The headlights and taillights have adapted the NIKE swosh appeal. Overall, this Z is a blend of old Datsun 280Z and a Porsche. The hatchback seems to loose even more visibility while the rear bumper is shorter, rounder and designed by a late-Porsche employee. Brembos surround each corner of the car while RAYS engineering has once again stepped in for their lightest forged wheels in 19" inches of rollers. Changes are the 370Z borrows the motor currently offered in the luxury big-brother, G37. Let's wait and see how fast the aftermarket industry flows with add-on goodies for this next NISSAN Sport Car. Toyota? Where are you?

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