Wednesday, October 29

SR20DET powered Altezza

If there was one thing I wanted to do if I still had my Altezza would be to drop in a SR20det. Actually, the idea hit me many years ago when the drifting scene started to take off here in the states. While showing with Team Hokori, the killer thought came to mind when everyone else were shoving turbo kits or the 2JZ-gte in their bays.

This picture is from UK found on one of the UK forums. The motor sits very nicely flat against the firewall leaving the front with enough room for a V-mount Intercooler setup. Plus better balance weight ratio. Notice the Vertex S-Type bumper, Cwest sides, and Advan wheels. Hot little car.

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GREG.M.altezza said...

It's actually an Irish car not uk! It was built by Martin ffrench