Thursday, June 23

Falcon Sprint Sleeper

Ford Falcons were designed with excellent lines from the factory. Small and compact with a lighter curb weight gave the advantage over the rather heavy Muscle cars of that era. Donnie's '64 Falcon is a total sleeper from the outside. Equipped with only a set of wheels and a lower stance, it's hard to guess what lies under the front hood. A 347 ci Ford 4R70W with twin Cobra Paxton superchargers melts the BF Goodrich tires at many street light launches.

Total sleeper.

Chop Top VW

The Goodguys Colorado Nationals were abundant of fine examples of Hot Rods, Customs, and Muscle Cars. One particular example was this incredibly built '67 VW owned by Josh. Many VW are built with a rebellion attitude, but not this wide-body and chopped roof beauty. The amount of detail and high-level execution sent Josh's bug straight into the winner-circle with a Rodders Rep Pick of the weekend.

This is clearly one of my top 5 VW bugs of all time.