Thursday, October 16

Honda F1 Engine

Came across this on another website earlier today. This is pretty amazing to have all 80,000 pieces exploded and hanging on strands as a display.

F1 engines are made to last around 2 hours before it blows up. Keep in mind, that is redline driving. Standard RPM is around 18,000, basically 3 times more than a standard car. The brakes are rated at 1,000 degrees and every race, a driver can loose up to 8 pounds of body fluid. Helmets weigh 14 pounds so there are special exercises to strengthen that area. 

An F1 machine can go from 0-100-0 in 4 seconds. Total weight is half of the Mini Cooper and if a water hose were to blow-off, the entire engine would empty all it's fluids in 1 seconds.

It is truly astounding to see how advance F1 is today. Before you know it, F1's will run on magnetic forces without tires and speeds of sound.

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