Tuesday, August 23

What is a theme?

Every build has a theme. This example of a 40's Ford Pickup has a 2-tone effect where the body-line easily allows the truck to be split in the middle. I appreciate the gloss black grill which connects with the hood and into the roof. If only the wheels were black and had better offset.. almost there.

Nonetheless, a fine example of modern on classic.

Hellafresh CAMARO

If anybody knows more info on this build, please post it up. Cheers!

"Blastro" Chevy Astro Drag-Van

Spotted at this years Goodguys Nationals in Columbus, this Chevy Astro was putting on a show at the drag strip with a full top fuel motor. With a induction taller than the roof-line, this chopped and complete tube-chassis drag-van is all show and go.

Swagger wagons, the next scene to be revived.