Friday, October 31

JOB Design SEMA IS250 at Mishimoto Booth

Powertrain/Drivetrain Type and Modifications: Tanabe Madallon exhaust; Fujita intake; Mishimoto aluminum radiator
Chassis Type and Modifications: Brembo six-piston mono block big brake kit with 14-inch rotors; Tanabe coilovers; Hyper ground kit; Klassen 20-inch wheels; Toyo 245/30-20 and 285/25-20 tires
Exterior Modifications: House of Kolor Wild Cherry candy paint; Job Design body kit, foglights and spoiler
Interior Modifications: Custom two-tone leather interior; Eclipse in-dash DVD and navigation; Rockford Fosgate audio; Diamonds 7-inch and 15-inch monitors

Exhibitor Booth Number: 10453

2008 Lexus IS350
Project Exhibited By: Mishimoto Automotive
Phone: 302/762-4501

Jih Shyh 2002 Lexus LS430 SEMA LS430

Powertrain/Drivetrain Type and Modifications: 32-valve 4.3L V8 engine; double overhead cam; five-speed automatic transmission; custom Magnaflow exhaust
Chassis Type and Modifications: UCF30 chassis; STD R5 suspension and big brake kit (forged six-piston front calipers, 380x35mm front rotor, forged four-piston rear calipers, 355x35mm rear rotors); Platinum VIP Phantom kit and VIP Modular 20x9.5 front and 20x11.5 wheels; Toyo T1R 245/35/20 front and 285/30/20 rear tires
Exterior Modifications: L-Sportline front and rear bumpers; Lexus Japan OEM aero side skirts; custom lightly smoked LED taillights; custom clear corner headlights; 2008 Audi S8 Ice Silver paint; color-matched badgeless grille; upgraded 6500K HID head and foglight bulbs; Platinum VIP LED puddle lights
Interior Modifications: Platinum VIP curtains
Exhibitor Booth Number: 20648

2002 Lexus LS430
Project Exhibited By: Jih Shyh
International Co. Ltd.
Phone: +886-4-2496-0505
Fax: +886-4-2493-2293

Nissan 370Z leak

Nissan Press Release have not been shy to educate and promote the next generation Z. What you see here is the official photos from Nissan of what the 370Z will look like. With already a solid platform, the design focuses on softer lines and smoother curves. Each fender has a more aggressive flare especially there rear. The headlights and taillights have adapted the NIKE swosh appeal. Overall, this Z is a blend of old Datsun 280Z and a Porsche. The hatchback seems to loose even more visibility while the rear bumper is shorter, rounder and designed by a late-Porsche employee. Brembos surround each corner of the car while RAYS engineering has once again stepped in for their lightest forged wheels in 19" inches of rollers. Changes are the 370Z borrows the motor currently offered in the luxury big-brother, G37. Let's wait and see how fast the aftermarket industry flows with add-on goodies for this next NISSAN Sport Car. Toyota? Where are you?

Toyota in NASCAR

Several years back when TRD USA was asked to build the motor that would be used in NASCAR, many had their doubts. But within a few short months, Toyota engineers were able to produce a very high-end NA motor simplified for NASCAR American use. What you see here is a 358 cc V8 that produces 650 hp. Pistons, valves are all made of forged material while the cylinder heads are equipped with computer control cooling system. TRD also provided the exhaust side. 

If the valve covers did not read TRD, others could have easily guess Chevy small block. Side note, Toyota engineers actually had to "dump-it-down" a bit to make this all American built engine for an American racing program. Even so, Toyota has made their mark in NASCAR racing forever. Even Goodguys events have had 3 full blown trailers with several many race and demo cars. This just shows you Toyota is not just a Japanese brand, it is a company that just celebrated 50 years of growth and domination. While the big 3 continue to struggle and ask for "bail-out" or merger possibilities, Toyota hasn't looked back.

Wednesday, October 29

Lexus ready for another SEMA 08

Once again Lexus is headed to the 2008 SEMA with guns packing. This year the focus continues to be the Lexus IS-F. Four lucky tuners were chosen mid summer by Lexus corporate to build and improve the already scary IS-F platform. What I can tell you is each four companies built incredible examples of what could be done under a budget and some homework. Companies that stepped in to help with the build include RAYS Engineering that donated several sets of the latest and great from the Volk Racing garage.

Tein, Bride, Greddy, Seibon and many others came in huge to help along the build. One of the ISF has a custom Greddy supercharger bolted to run 8 psi. Others include aero parts from Troy at 5 axis.

Overall, I am most impressed with what the aftermarket industry is beginning to offer this chassis. Since the IS-F is already the top of the line 2nd gen IS platform, one would think there could be little to do to this already powerful 400+ hp car.

Good job tuners for hitting your deadline and finishing your Lexus Corporate projects.

Those that will not make it to SEMA, here is a sneak peek.

**Notice the 5th car in this list. That is the F Sport offered direct through any Lexus dealership or parts department. Notice the change in rear taillights and the final released F Sport Aero kit. HOT!

Lexus is making a statement and surely, BMW and Mercedes has been caught off guard.

All photos by the talented Scott Dukes

Risky Devil: chiTown

Risky Devil out of Chicago have been making hella noise in the drifting scene. They built sick ass cars, true to their JDM heritage but most importantly, their offsets are correct. Here are a couple of shots from their awesome photographer. If you stop by the midwest, be sure to swing by and check out Risky Devil attack the drift course at one of the events for '09.

Now I have to plan a trip back to chiTown.

Twin Red S2K

I have never seen a S2K rock such an aggressive offset of ol'skool SSR wheels. Damn, that is hot! Most s2k owners go all out with 1-piece forged wheels. Respect to this owner for thinking outside the box with this hellaflush crazy Honda 2000.

The second roadster is more your typical S2000 found with Work Emotion wheels but one thing that caught my attention was the drop. No there's no air sus here. This owner literally drives at that height daily..! That is an inch off the ground. Cars are built to be driven, not a trophy in your living room.

SR20DET powered Altezza

If there was one thing I wanted to do if I still had my Altezza would be to drop in a SR20det. Actually, the idea hit me many years ago when the drifting scene started to take off here in the states. While showing with Team Hokori, the killer thought came to mind when everyone else were shoving turbo kits or the 2JZ-gte in their bays.

This picture is from UK found on one of the UK forums. The motor sits very nicely flat against the firewall leaving the front with enough room for a V-mount Intercooler setup. Plus better balance weight ratio. Notice the Vertex S-Type bumper, Cwest sides, and Advan wheels. Hot little car.

Top Down S14: DEAR Motorsports

This got to be one of the nicest convertible S14's around. Not to mention, not many peeps even play with the drop-top. Perhaps its the subtle color and ease of graphics compaired to some of the loud drift cars we all know. The only thing that bugs me is the set of chromies that lacks characters and lands in the DUB world. Everything else is spot on.

Sick-A$$ fitment: 7-series

Take some notes here if you plan to build a BMW 7-series. This car is from UK somewhere found on one of the UK forums. Check out this perfect flush fitment. Not to mention the ultra cool step-lip wheels. My guess 18's on the ground.

NO need to rock 20's or 22's. It's all about how ill it rolls.

Drift Ready Mini Trucks

More trucks are showing up in the industry fully prepped chassis and motor swapped ready for sliding. Keep an eye out for the first truck drift series to hit the States.

Tuesday, October 28

Branew Nissan GT-R

Branew is a company in Japan that just completed their Carbon Lip kit for the new GT-R. This is the first GT-R I have seen with 23" inch wheels. Branew mainly builds luxury high-end aero kits including Lexus and SUV applications. Looking closely at this kit, you will notice the white carbon fiber used throughout the car. Even the front fender vents have a custom chrome luxury accent. Going to the rear of the kit, you will notice the most different styling design with the use of 3 center exit exhaust tips. The rear lip borrows much from the Ferrari F355 design. Some angles, this kit actually has possibilities. The front lip is good. Overall the car is elegant and nothing like what the GT-R was design to do.

More at: Branew Japan

A guess what.. This GT-R is coming to SEMA!

Thursday, October 23

Match made in Heaven; Amuse & BBS LM

This could be one of the GT-R's headed over to SEMA in a few short weeks. It sure doesn't get any prettier than this. Amuse kit and limited edition BBS LM finished in burning black chrome spokes. Even the stance is dropped and ready.

Keep an eye out for more GT-R's to slowly creep into the US scene.

Matte Gold wrapped GT-R

A company is Dubai wrapped a GT-R in matte gold finish with what they say is the best auto vinyl material today. It is called Foilacar, a product with Germany standards.

Check it out here: Foil A Car

Zele International GT-R coming to SEMA

Zele is a brand spanking new company out of Japan to hit the industry this year. They debut their custom orange painted GT-R earlier this year. We just confirmed Zele will be shipping over their demo car for SEMA next month. The GT-R will be in the ENEOS oil booth.

Zele will be offering a complete English catalog at SEMA. The majority of their products are lightweight dry carbon parts like this bumper. You can order a complete Zele GT-R with their lightweight package and orange paint scheme.

Be sure to come by the ENEOS oil booth to check out the Zele Int. GT-R. You don't want to miss it!

Top Secret Japan GT-R

The latest from the mad scientist of Top Secret is this just released Titanium intake chamber piping. Titanium is lighter than aluminum and standard steel, not to mention it just looks aggressive and raw. GT-R owners have reported the rubber hosing of the stock intake to have come off during hard driving. Top Secret fixed that issue with hose clamps that bolt to a bracket.

Look for more crazy products to come soon from Top Secret Japan.

Tom's Big Brake Upgrade

Tom's Japan is a very respected tuning facility that work closely with Toyota Japan. In fact the owner of Tom's was once an employee of Toyota. Searching the net the other day, landed me on the Tom's Hong Kong website. Little did I know that Tom's had a branch in HK.

There were many products on the website I have never seen or heard off, including these Tom's BBK. The fronts are 6-pot on 2-piece 334mm rotors while the rears are 4-piston on 324mm. I have to guess if Tom's Japan is willing to put their reputable name on any product it must meet an extreme standard, so from a user point of view, you can rest assure these are top of the line big brakes. 

Applications includes: Crown(GRS182/4 UZS186) MARK X(GRX12#) IS250 IS300 IS350(GSE2#) GS300(GRS19# UZS190) ARISTO(JZS16# JZS147) SOAREA(UZZ40) SUPRA(JZA80)

More info at Tom's HK

Wednesday, October 22

Blow Design Mode Parfume UCF31 Celsior

This is Mode Parfume's own demo car. It is a UCF31 fitted with one of the best looking kits in the industry for over a year and running. If you ask anybody in the States, Mode is most elite over many other VIP brands. What I like about this kit is the ability to create a low and wide appearance without altering the factory fenders and quarter panels. Both the front and rear bumper hangs way lower than any other kit on the market, but yet the design is simple and pleasant on the eye. Sometimes, less is more. The bumper almost fits the front facial of any car. Besides offering all the true VIP platforms, Mode has expanded to K-cars, wagons, vans, and even some non-traditional VIP Style platforms.

This one of my favorite company demo cars. Execution is flawless with 20" inch staggered wheels provided by SSR Japan. Even the Mode Parfume BBK is so over the top. It is manufactured by Endless with a custom Mode logo. This Celsior has a great combo, white calipers on gold two-piece rotors. HOT!

If only Mode Parfume offered the front and rear for the UCF30.. I would be all over it.

Aimgain G Wheels

Aimgain just released their latest G wheels offered for the VIP tuners. These wheels true 3-piece with many fit and finishes offered. Aimgain wheels are manufactured by RAYS Engineering in Japan for quality. 

Check with AutoFashion for more information.