Monday, January 31

TAS 2011 Rotrex Supercharged LS460

Toyko Auto Salon is full of 1-off builds. This year there was 3 Lexus LS460's all supercharged with a Rotrex unit. This particular LS460 was the most modified out of the 3 complete with Project Mu BBK, Skipper hydraulic suspension, INGS/ Wald aero kit combo and super sexy & expensive BBS LM-R in 21" inches. Notice the custom white marble interior trim.

Power figures are 480ps @ 6,400RPM, 500N/m at 4,100RPM – C38 Rotrex supercharger, Suruga Speed exhaust, and high-flow catalytic converter. RAD!

***BBS LMR in 21" inches retails for $11k US***


JOB Design Aristo - StanceNation

A friend brought this to my attention over the weekend.. a super fresh JOB Design Aristo16 on Stance:Nation

"Looks so good, it hurts." I must agree. This Aristo with the bright red leather interior and red dipped wood trim against the dark gunmetal exterior is heavenly. Full JOB Design Hybrid aero kit on the outside including the lip wing on a trunk lid with shaved inner taillights and the famous IS-F style quad style exhaust tips. 

What makes this car even better is the stance and choice of wheels. Not 20s or 19s.. 18" inchers with a steplip. Meaning the face is actually a 17" diameter. How do you tuck 18" inchers front and back?!? This Aristo is literally less than an inch off the ground and thanks to air suspension the clean aero kit can be saved from street curbs and pot holes.


JOB Design Aristo – All coilovers

JOB Design Hybrid Aristo with updated side mirrors, custom side-vented rear bumper, smoked headlights and rear taillights, black roof top.. all the goodies. If you are familiar to JOB Design demo cars, they are all on UAS air suspension. Not this one. Full coilover on camber control arm replacements !!! (look at last image)

JOB Design

JOB Design – Stretch Tire mount

Below is an example of JOB Design staff replacing a worn tire caused by negative camber for customer Aristo. WORK wheels custom finished with white windows, machined face and gloss black barrels. Enjoy!~

JOB Design - Slammed w/ Customer Projects

There's little time to rest here at the JOB Design retail & custom store. The New Years is upon us and projects are lined up out the door. From full aero kits to custom fog lights, the JOB Design staff are talented and trained to satisfy your hunger for custom work. Complete turn-key demo cars to an air freshener, the good peeps at JOB Design is here to help.

Celsior 31 getting the complete Hybrid aero package w/ custom rear bumper functional side vents.

Same Celsior 31 getting LS460 fogs custom molded into Hybrid bumper, plus Porsche LED lens rear bracket being created.

Lexus LS460 full Hybrid Aero kit test fitted and ready to go for paint.

Customer Soarer (Lexus SC430) already on UAS air suspension and forged JOB wheels (made by WORK) shot in matte black and pin-stripped. What's next?.. maybe aero kit..

Lexus LS460 front Hybrid bumper getting custom fin inserts.

Thursday, January 27

Lexus GS | WORK kicks | Air bags

The debadged trunk w/ inner lights shaved and smooth is a especially clean. WORK wheels with a complete air bagged suspension and JP taillights all complement the clean appearance of this G-ride. Window visors wrap continuously with the roof wing adds sophistication. Yellow fogs scream sportiness while a simple black FUSA reminds viewers of the VIP chassis.

Nicely executed.

Monday, January 24

Friday, January 21

JOB Design Custom Program

Custom create a custom bumper.

JOB Design Japan produces some of the most respected aero kits in the VIP market. What continues to keep them ahead of the pack is their Custom Program they offer to their customers. For a set price, the talented staff at JOB Design can custom enhance your new aero kit further; ie. Let's add the LS460 fog lights or custom scoop for the rear bumper. This example even had custom headlight housings made to mimic the LS600hL multi-projector eyes.

If you have the idea, we can build it. JOB Design, a one-stop-shop for all your custom needs.

JOB Design

Tuesday, January 18

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage

Here are some other highlights from Tokyo Auto Salon 2011:
D.A.D. infamous Mercedes SL500 covered with hand-laid crystal.

Also their new 1-piece Luxury Alloy Wheels. Interesting Display.

Mode Parfume continues to display elegant and sport with their new line of aero kits.. blacked out grills and wheels continues from last year's SEMA show.

AIMGAIN's incredible Lexus GS450h with very low stance and blackened wheels.

This Celsior had incredible camber.. insane.

Artisan Spirits Lexus IS-F.. who will be the first US Artisan IS-F..?

Kranze LS460 DEMO car with custom widened metal flares.. yummy.

JOB Design Hybrid Aero kitted Celsior with custom LED lights.

Saturday, January 15

JOB Design @ TAS continues

JOB Design continues to triumph at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon with their new Neoteny Lambo Gallardo. Many months of planning executed and the the JOB Design brand continues to grow with exciting new product for 2011. Look for the US division to launch a brand new website and support team as-well-as the first US built Neoteny Gallardo !!!

The Junction Produce Rolls Royce is incredible. If I were the president, I would order two. One for the Vice President. ;)

This was interesting to say the least.. part VIP Celsior, part police car.. built by CAR SENSE.

More to come..