Friday, August 15

Extreme Hellaflush

Crazy offsets has been a norm for the Euro guys from ages ago. Stretch tires are also old news when it comes to the Germans. I stumbled onto this image on a Euro site gallery and talk about "HellaFlush"..

This is a VW Golf with Porsche wheels. That is very common for VW owners to do. But what floored me was the extreme fitment in the rear. The rear fender lip looks paper thin just sitting on-top of the stretch tire. This is fitment calculation at its' best.

Of course he cannot drive like that, so he must be on air. Swap out the wheels and get 6" inches of phat-lips in the rear then you got something hella-crazy.

There are only a few in the states that are doing this correctly. I would like to see a movement towards correct fitment and flushing those fenders to the wheels. Driftunit and Fatlace has done that here in Frisco. There are a few others in Socal that has mastered the art of Hellaflush. How about you?

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