Friday, September 11

Mercedes-Old School Love

As we get closer to 2010.. cars of the '80s and '90s are becoming the popular cars to build. Soon they will be classic like '70s muscle cars.

What I like is simplicity of the cars. Slammed stance and a set of deep dish steplip wheels. No 20" inchers here. Just a basic set of 15 or 16 inch rollers. These cars are super clean with minimal work involved.

My dad just picked up probably the cleanest '91 190e left on earth. I'm already sourcing the suspension and a set of BBS RS.

Expect the US Import scene to take a turn into trying these older cars. These chassis are cheap and simple to work on. Parts will be harder to find but that's where the creativity and fun begins.

Stay Tuned.


ALEX said...

Hi guys, i was wondering if you could tell me what mods the black 190e with bbs rs rims packs; like bodywork, suspension, etc...honstly ive been staring at this car for days now...definitely one of the best 190e's ive ever seen.

solo said...

Alex, I really dont know any details about this car.. try going on some of the 190e forums and do a search. it's bound to come up.

I agree with you, it looks simply incredible.

- s

Anonymous said...

what model is the very top car?

Vincent Chan said...

I've always like the DTM styled MB 190Es...

eric190E2.6 said...

Are there any web sites with 1990 190 e 201 2.6 parts out there or cheap body parts bumpers grilles ect. much apreciated