Thursday, July 22

Incredible Opel Manta

The builders in Euro have always had an edge over the US, why? Creativity. This Opel Manta is a clean example of hybrid thinking, flawless execution and form with function. Incredible.

spec -

Volvo B230 with navy crankshaft
SPM H-profile connecting rods
Venolia pistons
16 Valve Volvo head with standard valves, port grinded with own ideas
Self made mechanical valve adjustment
Camshafts grinded by SPM
Double valve springs
Garret GT-40 turbo
Eaton M62 compressor with an own system for control of air between the turbo and the compressor
Exhaust manifold manufactured in stainless steel
Wastegate with 50mm valve
Self made intake manifold with separate 46mm throttle and full radius funnels
Autronic engine management system and CDI ignition
Mercury F1 ignition coils
Self made Intercooler and watercooler

Max. 578Hp at 6300rpm, over 500Hp from 5200 to 7700rpm

Max. 706Nm at 4900rpm, over 600Nm from 4300 to 6600rpm

Getrag 262 from BMW
Tilton twin disc 185mm clutch with AP lamellas

Rear end:
Volvo 1031 axle with lamellar differential
Adjustable fourlink

Front end:
Self made spring units with adjustable height
Volvo steering aid with electrical servo

Corvette ZR1 discs and callipers
Self made pedal group with wilwood brake adjustment and maincylinders

Own design, no plastic

Opel 529 orange, own paint job

Momo seats and steering wheel, lots of aluminium

BBS magnesium rims, 9,25x19” with BFGoodrich g-Force Profiler 235/35-19 in the front and back


Best ET 402m: 10,520s
Best topspeed 402m: 218,54km/h
60-feet: 1,64s


Anonymous said...

Is that car even still around? I remember seeing it like 6-7 years ago!

Bad ass car even by today's standard..

Brandon Flannery said...

We had a stock blue one when I was younger, and if you know what you are looking at, it's bad ass...

Anonymous said...

its a beast i own a manta but that one owns the crap outta mine

DiplomatV8 said...

Made in sweden.

Anonymous said...


I had a Manta S, 30 years ago
and it could go.

Bet this one can fly.