Wednesday, July 30

First Nissan GT-R sold

On July 7th at Mid-night Nissan delivered their first GT-R to one lucky bastard. What can I say.. I'm hella jealous.

Jay Leno even grew emotionally attached during an episode on his TV series. He called it a baby Bugatti Veryon. Both are all wheel drive and turbo charged. Both share the same Dual Clutch tranny aswell. Just less horsepower.

At 480 hp stock this new generation of Skyline GT-R have already proved itself a legend in the automotive industry. Now for the first time ever, the GT-R is available in the US legally without the need of smuggled containers.

MSRP comes in at just under $70k. But dealers are already asking $100k for this Porsche Turbo killer. I know one dealership that is only asking $10k more.. maybe I'll try to get my hands on one and do a test drive review.

Hang-on.. more to come.

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