Thursday, July 17

Klassen & JOB Design

The team at Klassen has teamed-up with one of the Hottest Japanese VIP tuning shops. JOB Design now runs Klassen Wheels exclusively on all their demo cars including this sexy-ass Celsior UCF40.

I want to focus on Klassen for the time being. Klassen wheels are absolutely the highest standard. Their forging technology is second to none in the industry. The owner is a Japanese fellow that speaks great English. Once in awhile I chat with the owner about their new products and wheel designs. Believe me when I tell you, these wheels are so well built that can possibly swap some HRE owners. 

Every wheel is custom CAD design and cut to perfection. Sizes and finish can be custom tailored to each clients need. This is a full service custom wheel shop that produces some very high-end wheels.

Their wheels have been featured on the NITTO website as-well-as European Car online. Look out for more on Klassen as their wheels start to expand onto media cars in the industry.

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