Monday, July 14

VIP AutoSalon Lexus LS460

At the '07 SEMA show, VIP AutoSalon debuted their most anticipated project with Lexus Corporate, a complete WALD LS460. This car blew the competition out of the water. I am lucky enough to know the owner and the Lexus family know him as the little Sensei, Clark Ishihari.

Lexus delivered a bone stock black LS460 to VIP AutoSalon literally 2 months before the Toyota trailer were suppose to pick-up the project and head over to Las Vegas. Equipped with a positive mindset and well connected friends, the Celsior project began. An entire WALD aero kit plus 22" inch wheel were ordered followed by a trip to the paint booth for a Porsche gunmetal color. Next the car was delivered to Universal Air Suspension for the complete custom air suspension build-up. There, Zack and his team converted the standard coilover setup into a hybrid air bag/strut combo. Their engineering is second to none in the industry today. They also added the Dakota Digital air controller with remote controller so Clark can show-off even more at the shows. The leather interior was further enhanced with a 2-tone appearance while Brembo came and made the first US BBK for the LS460 on this very car.

At the end, VIP AutoSalon has proved they are capable of performing complete custom car creations on a corporate level. This fine example will go down in Lexus history since '07 was the first year Lexus acted as Primary Sponsor of the entire SEMA week.

For more info:  VIP AutoSalon

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