Tuesday, July 29

HKS & NOB once again in D1 Grand Prix

Many of you know I first entered the Import scene with a Drift IS300 turned VIP Style. Earlier this year, I sold my beloved car of 7 years to a local in San Jose. At the end, I still have a lot of respect and love for the SXE10 platform.

Nob and HKS has once again teamed up to pilot their infamous Drift Altezza. These pictures are from the HKS USA website that show the newly designed graphics that will run for the entire '08 season. Nob is once again the pilot of choice with his many years active with HKS racing.

This Altezza was the second attempt by HKS and is powered by a Yamaha Beams motor mated to gobs of HKS products. At the end, it is another masterpiece created by the minds of HKS Japan.

One day when I hit my late 40's, I will probably go searching for the SXE10 and have another drive in memory-lane.

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