Tuesday, July 29

BMW's new 4-door Hatchback?

Okay, BMW did not release a new 4-door hatchback that shares the same overall shape as the new X6. The image to the left started life as a modified AC Schnitzer X6 demo car showcasing their latest and greatest in Aero and Wheel package. With a few tricks in Photoshop we now have a very different vehicle.

I call this the H6. (hatchback 6-series). To be quite honest, there are a lot of potential here. The front screams 3-series but the rear hatchback is an all new design. The bubble fenders work very well with the standard 22" inches of alloy.

If Carlab would attempt an X6 to this extreme then BMW North America will surely start paying attention to the aftermarket industry.

What do you think? Does it have potential? You be the judge.

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Andrew said...

I think its a great design and my wife is in love we would buy one for sure!