Thursday, July 17

Nabiis, the best of taiWan

Nabiss is one of the most well know brand in Taiwan when you mention fixed-gear cycling. This website is hella sick with very strong photography that emphasize on their culture and lifestyle. It is mostly in Chinese if you want to read the articles but for the most part, you get the idea.

One of the Nabiss founders so happened to be my cousin. He moved to Taiwan 4 years ago to become a English teacher. Today after teaching, he kicks-it with his local friends and go riding at the tracks or works on his art. He is famous worldwide.

These fixed gear bikes hit the US hard 5 years ago and still people do not know much about it. In Taiwan, it is has grown to a sub-culture that has gain media attention. Nabiis has been feature in multiple Japanese magazines and also on Yahoo homepage.

Next week, I will take my cousin to FATLACE in Japantown to chop it up!  
For more info:  Nabiis


joey said...

i just bought a fixie. its my new hobby.

sLee said...

nice joey.. i'll gonna pick one up to hang in my living room as art.. ha!