Monday, July 21

HWY I-5 is pure HELL!

Over the weekend several of the best Nor*cal Lexus owners attended the Redline Time Attack/JDM Theory event at the Buttonwillow race track. I get a disturbing voice message on my cell this morning from Glen. Apparently, Glen, Willie and Anna were all involved in a high-speed accident. While flying at a steady 110 MPG, all 3 cars couldn't avoid what was on the road. It was a tire tread shredded from a semi-truck. Each car suffered significant damage especially Willie's green GS4. From what I heard, his front bumper was hanging on for dear-life thanks to the clear-bra keeping the glass together. Pictured here is Anna's Vertex bumper with a severe crack. Each car had cracked bumpers, damaged side skirts and alignment issues to name a few.

I'm just glad nobody got hurt and everybody made it home safely last night. Cars can be repaired or I see this as an opportunity to rebuild your cars. Willie, maybe it's time for a different look. Anna, same for you, or maybe a new car. Glen, I don't need to say anything. Knowing you, the kit is already purchased and being painted as I write this.

SoCal trips have always yield some sort of accidents. Maybe it is a sign NOT to attend next time.

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