Monday, July 21

In the Heart of this Black-Beauty is pure Japanese Bliss

Don Perito of Torrance, California has built a '32 Hot Rod straight out of my dreams. I can barely begin to write with my emotions going in all directions. I have many times brain-stormed on how to build a hybrid and I don't mean electric Prius. A hybrid would consist of Japanese V8 power mated to domestic American heritage all steel '32 High-boy. Don has taken my dreams and made it his reality.

What you see here is an execution that can even make Foose appreciate.
Don is a long time car builder. He knows Hot Rods inside and out. So when the time came to build another typical black '32, he went in a direction not many could even comprehend. Don stuffed a 2002 LS430 engine into the Tyler, Texas, Hot Rod shop glass body. The suspension is all independent Kugel meant for track and Bonneville high speed attempts. The cars tips the scale at 2280 pounds and you can imagine what a 300 hp motor can do to a goKart-like platform. The interior was built around Lexus parts including the steering wheel, shifter and even the seats. You may even notice the Lexus floor mats reshaped to fit the narrow '32 body. Those with a keen eye will also notice the GS inner trunk lid taillights used in the rear. Each element is matched so perfectly well.

The lines on this '32 is so clean, I want to add Don to my hate-list. But I am honored to share this vehicle with you. This car has been a dream of mind when I am ready to build such a hybrid and you can bet I will use Don's Lexus Hot Rod as my inspiration from start to finish.

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