Friday, August 1

Goodguys October Gazette Covers

Each month here at Goodguys Headquarters, we go through thousands of images to find the best image that tells a story about the current issue. It is my job to figure that out every month.

I work with some of the most talented people in the automotive and design industry. Each person carries their specific interest to the creative thinking room and ideas are pitched and discussed regularly. As our readers know, here at Goodguys we do not have the leisure of actually setting up photo shoots with potential cars. We basically take over 5000 photos per event and we go through the process here in-house to try and find the winner. You may think that is a waste of valuable time but believe me when I tell you that to cover an entire Goodguys event on a given weekend, you just do not have the time to setup shoots with lighting in mind, etc.

Our philosophy is to always be on the look out for something cool and potentially, cover material. Call it luck, but every month we have several photos, all strong in composition and all winners. 

In the October issue of the Gazette, we are emphasizing on "Autocross". What started last season as a small test trial where owners can come and beat the clock with their all show and all go cars has grown to a fully sponsored event within a Goodguys event.

Here are the 2 potential covers for October. I know which one made the cut, but you will have to find out in a few months. How? Are you not a member yet? By becoming a member of Goodguys is the only way to receive the Gazette every month.

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