Wednesday, August 12

VW the Originators of Offset perfection

Lately, I have fallen victim to the VW scene. To say the least, these tuners are fresh with their creative mindset in building cars. Offset is everything along with Stance and function. The VW scene is hardcore and they dun give a f**k what others may think or say. Without boundaries, that's when you see some serious head turning builds; fresh, creative, hella-sik.

For the longest time, the VW scene has always focused on offset and the most sought after OG wheel, the BBS RS or RM series. VW peeps focus mostly on the perfect stance and wheel combo then the cleanest wire-tucked engine bays. Truly, the Honda scene has finally been influenced by this OG scene. Negative camber and staggered wheels on a FWD. Euro scene has been doing this for years now.. people!!

I love the fact that in the VW scene there are no boundaries, or the line is very fine, allowing builders to run creatively with their ideas and concepts. I wish other tuners would think more openly like the VW tuners. Outside the box, is what I have been preaching for the longest time. Dun buy a certain product just b/c everybody on the Forums has it, or a magazine car is rocking that brand. Research and try combos others have not thought off..

Think fresh.

The culture dictates the scene and from what I have seen, VW is a rebelious group of "I dun give a flying ****". Therefore allowing them to get away with all sorts of color combo, pattern and styles, and sometimes the strangest of ideas.

Love this scene?.. absolutely. I think so much of the Import scene has been derived from this culture. If you want to be ahead of the game, you have to look at the grassroot Euros, and that's VW.

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