Thursday, August 20

Fox Marketing ISF - 2dr SEMA project

Last year Fox Marketing debuted one syk custom IS-F for Lexus. So it comes as no surprise the guys got their hands on the brand new 2 door convertible IS and their plans are big. Custom metal wide body with IS-F bumpers and skirts. Even the fender will carry similar treatment from the F car. A complete Twin Turbo setup is scheduled as well. My guess is another rear section turbo system that places the turbos where the stock mufflers are and run piping back up to the front. This is actually a very clever design. Many modern cars today have little room in the engine bay for turbos. Plus relocating to the rear create no extra heat, the only problem is possibly clogging the intake filter with dirt and water. Besides that, double the amount of piping is needed to run underneath the car. Charged air also run cooler when exposed outside the engine bay. In my opinion, I would like to see more ppl execute rear mount turbos.

Back to point, SEMA is around the corner and we will see this sweet coupe convertible at the Lexus booth.

Be there~!

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