Sunday, August 16

Diablo Country Club & Goodguys

Saturday, I had the pleasure of driving the company Desoto to the annual Car and Concert show at the famous Diablo Country Club. Picked up the car at headquarters at 2:30, wiped her down, go gas at Valero and started the drive up to club. If you have never been to club Diablo, let me tell you, it is hidden way deep inside the million dollar houses of Diablo, CA. I nearly got lost several times. Once upon arrival, the staff and ppl were all very friendly. This was a car show, buffet style dinner, followed by a concert by the Fundamentals from SF.

The majority of the cars were Hot Rods with a few exotics, 5 low riders, 2 VWs and 1 Japanese import. While enjoying the fine summer weather and beautiful people, a brand new Rolls Royce Phanton convertible shows up. I gotta say, the car is mightier than the sword. It's total one way to blow $400k.

By 7pm they announced the winners and the Desoto took home 3rd place. Overall, a relaxing day in the sun drinking wine and eating cheese.

Enjoy these pics.

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