Wednesday, August 19

Vecspeed Joey is Boosted with Hardtop

A good friend recently just finished his turbo S2000 here in the Bay. We all know in the Bay Area, there are dozens of boosted S2k's done right. Joey is from the old school grassroots days when street racing was still a popular scene in Milpitas and Sacramento. When he told me about his 3rd S2K project, you know.. 3rd time is the charm. Well, let's just let the images speak from themselves.

The car had a face lift with '04 headlights and '02 interior door panels. The rare Amuse R1 bumper accent the clean roadster lines quite well. Out back is all business with a complete Spoon rear diffuser and a ASM S-special 70mm exhaust. The carbon hardtop is Seibon which covers the Cusco 4-point cage and Recaro SPG bucket and Takata harnesses.

Joey went the distance with rolled and lipped fenders on all 4 corners to run lower offset wheels. Currently he is rocking a set of VOLK CE28s in 7.5 and 9, but I know he will continue to push for a more aggressive stance in the near future.

The stock motor has been given a Greddy Carb legal turbo kit that makes a healthy 15 psi and nearly doubling his wheel horsepower. The valve cover has been painted white to match the car which I thought was a great decision. The engine bay is all show and all go.

Overall, I give Joey credit for continuing to build cars with a fresh attitude and a clear vision. Although, I would suggest more aggressive wheels, possibly paint the awful stock Cusco blue cage, and just maybe in the meantime, rattle can the wheels another color. Silver just looks so TireRack. <--lol

Don't forget BBK's make the biggest difference from kid-built street-car to adult man-project.

Congrats, keep up the good work!


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