Wednesday, August 26

Intro Wheels News

Intro Wheels is a giant in the automotive wheel industry. They make a vast array of billet wheels for the hot rod, domestic, import and euro scene. Ranging from 15 all the way up to DUB SUV sizes. Recent years they launched their own line of 3-piece wheels under the I.D. Brand. What others may not know is Intro has been cutting wheels for many other brands in the industry for years now. Euro and Import ppl will recognize names like iFoeged and Jline, which are all cut inside the Intro factory. Their quality is unmatched and with the very recent purchase of a super high-end German machine, Intro are now offering their own barrels and lips. Any size, and width, and style; reversed or stepped, Intro can do it. Want to cut your own custom designs, Intro can assist you. If 1 step lip is not enough, ask for 2 or 3. Any finish you can imagine in any texture or color, they can do it. Special finishes are sent out. Inhouse they do full polish.

This is great news in the wheel industry bc finally wheel makers are not dependent several sources to build a wheel. Instead it is now truly a one stop shop for all your wheel desires. No wait time for bulk purchases of a specific barrel size, etc.

I for some time now have been looking around for a Steplip 20" inch wheel and to be frank there are less than a handful of choices.. Not any more.

Check out INTRO WHEELS for more info!

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