Tuesday, August 25

'53 Studabaker Kart Hauler

We, here at Goodguys, just had over biggest hometown event this pass weekend, the West Coast Nationals. A good friend of Gary Meadors purchased this fine '53 Studabaker this weekend and will be shipping this car to Texas. Check out the condition of this sweet ride. Those that appreciate VW can easily see similar styles here. I personally respect the build. The stance needs to continue to come down a few more inches. The only thing about Stadabakers is the rear windshield that looks like a complete after thought. It's almost a front tri-five front windshield flipped to work in the rear. The color is old school, but we are seeing nostalgic colors creeping up again.

Excellent interior and super cool go kart. The back bed is all cream suede. I wonder how they keep that clean.


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