Friday, August 14

1JZ S13 = smart budget

I dunno what it is, but something about combining a 1jz Toyota engine and a S13 Silvia chassis means out of control build. Let's face it, the 1jz has been around for some time now.. meaning, plenty of parts at great prices. S13 is the perfect affordable chassis for drift not to mention, most balance. Slap the two together and you have a fun little sliding toy.

Found On Build Threads


sal campo said...

i couldn't agree more! thanks for using our pics =)

solo said...

forgot to give credit. thx for looking out. ;D

sal campo said...

it's all gravy friend sent to me, i was happy.

solo said...


thanks for the link on Build Threads.. im gonna debut my Celsior soon.

holla if you need anything from Cali!!