Saturday, August 29

Spotted "Nasty A4"

A typical Saturday morning is waking up late and going to Red Tractor in Dublin for brunch. As I finished my pulled chicken bbq sandwich with garlic fries, a very decent Audi A4 pulls into the Best Buy parking lot. From a distance the stance, wheels, total package look spot on. When I managed to get my camera and drive out to the car, this Audi A4 was more than anticipated. Steplip DPE wheels with Brembo BBKs hiding behind in the front. The offset is very decent although I would prefer a bit lower for that ultimate slammed "IDGF" look.

Front mount intercooler meant power has also been tweaked along with dual cans sitting out back. I dig the Euro hood that slants over the headlights. I know that is a Euro trend, have yet seen that carried over in the Japan scene. Smoked tail lens, gloss black roof plus a carbon roof wing. Overall very decent in the Dublin are.

Whoever you are.. you get the SOLO seal of approval.

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