Thursday, September 4

Radius Fenders on Racingstyle LS430

This car belongs to a Racinstylez on and It is an incredible build. In my book this LS comes as close to the real deal in Japan but build entirely in Texas.

To start off, this car has an awesome stance. But you will notice the wheels do not tuck even at this extreme drop. Radius Fenders.

Again, by reworking the fender to have a higher fender radius, this "perfect-fitment" look can be achieved. This is the reverse thinking to achieve the hella flush look. First, go get a set of wheels with the craziest offset you can handle. Then take it to a trustworthy shop to make the wheels fit the car. Radius the fender, pull and stretch abit and you can have yourself a great looking car like this.

The wheels are Weds Kranes with a negative offset in the rear. The aero kit is Admiration from Japan and the air system is UAS. Keep representing VIP in Texas buddy.. God knows they need it.

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