Wednesday, September 10

Crimson produced Club Linea Series

Crimson has been making wheels in Japan for quite some time now. It wasn't until recent that they relaunched a whole new line-up of wheels dedicated to the ever-fast and growing wheel market.

Just like people here in US, crazy for JDM styling and parts, the Japan tuners crave for ours. The biggest shift of wheel designs in Japan has been headed towards the DUB look. I personally were very disappointed to see this movement, but Crimson has helped with the pain.

Crimson produces Club Linea and many other wheels for other companies. I have always been a fan of the Club Linea Barletta wheel, so to see the company revamped and reinvent themselves were pretty exciting.

Like many high-end US wheel companies, the shift recently is Forged wheels and that is exactly what Club Linea has commissioned Crimson to do. Their first Forged series hit the market with the highest quality of what Japan can offer. At nearly $2,000 dollars US a wheel, it is near HRE territory. Their styling is fresh and clean with both East and West clashing with flavor. I personally would rock a set of L566 with a brush face and flat-black painted lips. HOT!

Look out for Club Linea to hit the US market hard in the next year. For now check out their website here: CRIMSON

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