Monday, September 22

VIPCAR Feature Car: UCF31

Going through VIPCAR magazine it is easy to see some of the many company built cars. Most are so complete with full interiors, BBKs, custom kits and the newest wheels in the market. Then there are a small select few that attend all the shows and builds excellent trend setting examples from their own budget.

This months VIPCAR magazine cover car is such an example. Over the pass 2 years I have seen this LS evolve throughout the stages. But always equipped with the same 3-piece step-lip WORK Meisters this car started out black. Today it is shot is a custom white frost with flat black headlights and black Ganador mirrors. What I appreciate about this car is the ability to mix parts originally not intended for such a flagship Luxury car. The WORK wheels in black blend so will with the black heads, grill, and mirrors. The stance on this car is just dialed-in perfect. Both front and rear lips are pinching the fender ever-so-slightly and that is what is call "Hellaflush".

Recent additions looks like full Big Brake Kit upgrade shot in anodized purple. From the pictures it could be Sessions BBK 6/4 setup. The interior got an entire make-over with custom fabric and plenty of gauges and ICE.

Funny to think how much harder it is to stand out from the flood of VIP cars in Japan than it is here is the US. Kudos to this private owner by pulling off an incredible build over the years.

photo courtesy of VIPCAR

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